Bianchi-Ferrari Triathlon Concept Bike announcement

Bianchi-Ferrari Triathlon Concept Bike announcement

It has been announced that Bianchi and Ferrari were joining forces for a range of bicycles in the end of July 2017. The Italian noteworthy brands were collaborated to launch the “Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari” project. Now, they revealed the project’s first fruit – the SF01.

The two Italian brands also will reveal a triathlon bike soon – as Bianchi anounced that “Triathlon Concept: We are launching the new performance luxury cycling project Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari. Stay tuned and follow us to learn more!”

Since the SF01 is actually a Bianchi Specialissima with a few touches here and there, the triathlon concept bike will represent the first actual engineering collaboration between Bianchi and Ferrari.

The Bianchi-Ferrari collaboration is also intended to expand into a full line of road, triathlon, mountain, city, fitness, e-bikes, and even kids’ bikes.

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