Rich Adams road bike

Rich Adams road bike

Rich Adams road bike. There are two stock geometries to choose from, Race and Club. The Race has a longer top tube, lower head tube, steeper angles and a short wheelbase. The Club geometry has a shorter top tube, 25mm head tube extension, and slacker angles with a longer wheelbase. Made-to-measure custom frames are still available for a $150 upcharge. This incorporates your body measurements, measurements of your current bicycle and your personal feedback on riding style and anatomy.

Size specific tube selection – 27.2mm seat post standard – Choice of cable routing – 1″ or 1/18″ steerer tube

Founded by Rich Adams, the company is located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States.

“When done right, the classic steel road bike is like no other. Good stiffness for accelerating and climbing, enough flex for comfort and road feedback, simple lines, and practical workmanship create that special riding experience. The jack of all traits, steel is the chameleon of frame materials capable of a wide variety of ride characteristics simply by adjusting the geometry and tube selection.” –Rich Adams

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