Tommasini VLC3

Tommasini VLC3

VLC3 is Tommasini’s best racing bike. It is built with tubes designed by the Tommasini Factory, which are very different from industry competitors, in respect of its philosophy of classicism of the shapes. In fact, they confer the right stiffness and lightness to exalt response while keeping superb handling on all kind of routes.

The Tommasini VLC3 is the latest carbon creation and newest Velocista version. The VLC3 is a carbon wrapped construction using carbon tubes designed exclusively for Tommasini. All the tubes are carefully mitered, joined with aerospace adhesive and then wrapped with carbon laminates. With this method it is easy for Tommasini technicians to build a carbon frame specific to body measurements creating a custom carbon frame.

All derailleur and rear brake cables are internally routed for both mechanical and electronic systems

VLC3 looks like a monocoque frame, but it is not. VLC3 is created with exclusively shaped carbon tubes designed by Tommasini.

* classic seat tube, but also ISP on demand
* the 3 cables (rear brake, rear and front derailleur) have an internal routing on down and top tube
* press-fit carbon fiber bottom bracket
* carbon fiber rear dropouts
* the wishbone has an engraved T logo above the brake mount and shaped areas to reduce weight
* the monobox perfectly copy the bottom bracket to confer more stiffness.
* All the tubes are lighter to form a frame of only 960gr when unpainted
* The hidden set is still 1 1/8″ – 1 1/2″, consequently the matching fork is the FKTOS 1 1/2″.
* Thousands of custom paint options.

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