Invisible bike helmet – the most mumbo-jumbo cycling related invention in history

Maybe you’ve already seen the video: the invisible bike helmet. A lot of website hailed the new “invention”. Some even say “[it is] the coolest bike gadget you hope you’ll never need”. But I don’t think so. Contrarily,  I think it is the most mumbo-jumbo cycling related invention in history. Here’s why:

  1. The invisible bike helmet is complex, while the traditional bike helmets are really simple. Think you have crashed: malfunctioning on invisible bike helmet: you’re injured, maybe even dead; contrarily, there are no chance of malfunctioning on traditional helmets: you’re probably not harmed, and alive.
  2. It is expensive: do you really pay £337 to a one-time-use bike helmet?
  3. It is uncomfortable: do you wear during a training ride, in a hot summer day, a big, heavy, and funny looking collar (see the image below)?

    Hovding invisible bike helmet
    Hovding invisible bike helmet
  4. It’s ugly, especially when it’s open. Traditional bike helmets are really well-designed in the recent years, they look cool. At least they look better than this big, white thing. Even if you’re commuter and riding in your suit or in your high heels.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

Invisible bike helmet producer’s web site:

Invisible bike helmet
The Invisible bike helmet – airbag for cyclists