How to Put Air in a Bike Tire using a Co2 Cartridge

We all know how it can be frustrating, especially for beginners to put air in bike tires with the use of a pump. I am quite glad to let you know that you don’t need a pump to inflate your bike tires, with these simple tips and ideas. I put this topic together to ensure that you choose the right tools, and also identify the type of valve necessary to inflate your bike tires without the need of using a pump.

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Best Tips for a Cycling Holiday in New Zealand

Have you decided on New Zealand for your next cycling holiday? You won’t be disappointed: both the North and South Islands are etched with top-quality cycling trails, many of which come hand-in-hand with sublime scenic views. As many locals will happily tell you, cycling your way around Aotearoa is an adventure that you shouldn’t miss!

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How to choose a mountain bike shock pump

By Delia B. Houge

Most of the suspension fork of a mountain bike has an air suspension system. It can set by rider weight, terrain type & rider riding style. To keep this fork air balance, you need a mountain bike shock pump. MTB shock pump is an essential tool/kit for every mountain biker. It was designed for setting the air pressure in air suspension forks. Before selecting a shock pump, you need to consider some things.

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How should a mountain bike shoe fit?

By Adam James

When you are riding along with the mountain and wanted to climb it then you must have been prepared for it and if it has to be with a bike then you should keep in mind that every sector should be taken carefully. You might have taken care of all cycling stuff and all of the necessary things you needed for that but you must take proper steps for your shoes. While you are using a mountain bike and you are roaming around it then your shoes are so much important there as it could bring the most safety for you.

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How to ride a mountain bike on the road?

By Adam James

One of my friends bought a mountain a few days ago. Though a mountain bike is to ride on an unparallel surface, he wanted to ride it on the road. He gave a try to ride his mountain bike on the road without knowing the proper way. Then what happened? He fell in a horrible injury and his bike was damaged entirely.

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Why fixed gear is your top choice for winter cycling

Isn’t it great, that feeling when you get up on a bike in the morning to get to work, or when you are looking forward to your regular outdoors workout? And what about now, when it can get a bit snowy outside?
Popularity and general interest of cycling naturally decrease during the winter months but no matter what opinion polls say, I say yes to cycling in the snow and I ride snow on my fixed gear bike. I am sure I’m not alone. Although sometimes I get pointed at, I still see other cyclists out on the road in the blaze, some on fixed gear bikes and the thought of me not being completely insane by myself sort of comforts me, but is it so?

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5 Maintenance Tips Your Bike Will Appreciate

If you want your bike to last for a longer time, it is crucial that you learn how to keep your bike in the right condition. With proper maintenance, you’re able to ride safe, comfortable, and enjoy the moments as you ride from one area to another. It also helps to increase the time between major services and elevates your riding experience. In the long-term, bike maintenance saves you money you could use in replacing the bike as well as time. In consideration to these, we look at the top 5 maintenance tips that your bicycle will appreciate.

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The solution to doping is to extend the blame beyond athletes

Doping in sport is widespread and shows little sign of abating. Athletes are dropping out of the Rio Olympics like flies. Maria Sharapova was banned for two years after testing positive for meldonium; a Romanian kayaking team failed their drug test, disqualifying them pending further investigations; and the International Olympic Committee announced that they could ban up to 31 athletes from competing because retests of their samples collected during the 2008 Beijing Olympics indicated the presence of banned substances. If the trend continues, the Rio Olympics could be the Olympics with the lowest number of delegations in recent history.

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