Santini creates a UCI Worlds 100th anniversary collection

The UCI Road World Championships reaches its 100th anniversary in 2021 and Santini is celebrating the event with a special collection including a men’s and women’s jersey decorated with the names of male and female UCI Road World Champions, plus a Limited-Edition jersey with gold details.

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Granfondo Stelvio Santini 2021 Results

In between all cycling lovers of the 9th edition of the Granfondo Stelvio Santini, the top-ranked men and women in each category were crowned Kings and Queens of the Mountain on the basis of their overall time trial results on the Long, Medium, and Short Routes.

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A dragonfly hitchhikes on Steven Kruijswijk’s shoulder

During the final Time Trial stage of the Vuelta a España 2021, an interesting scene occurred: a dragonfly hitchhiked on the shoulder of team Jumbo-Visma’s Steven Kruijswijk.

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5 Essential Vitamins And Minerals That Cyclists Need

Minerals and vitamins aren’t optional if you’re serious about improving your cycling performance. The appropriate proportions of these micro-nutrients can give you more energy, quicker recovery times, and increased endurance. They’re essential for energy production and muscle recovery. Supplement use contributes significantly to total vitamin and mineral intakes in the general population. According to studies, 7 out of 10 cyclists consume more vitamins and minerals via supplements than from diets. As a result, supplement use decreases a fraction of the general population with low nutrient consumption. Here are the five essential vitamins and minerals that cyclists need.

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Model X Green Comfort+ Superflow: The Environmentally Friendly Saddle is Now Even More Comfortable

After the success of the Model X Green Superflow saddle, Selle Italia launches the “Comfort+” version with improved padding designed to provide the greatest comfort when pedaling. The Selle Italia Model X Green Comfort+ Superflow is a saddle also dedicated to the e-bike world and to those looking, above all, for comfort, that comes from the eco-sustainable Green-Tech production process.

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Dura-Ace History

Dura-Ace is the admiral ship of Shimano, the Japanese (now multinational) manufacturer of cycling components (and some other things like fishing tackle and rowing equipment). Here is a brief history of the Shimano Dura-Ace.

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Are Eco-Friendly Tires a Real Possibility for Cyclists?

Cycling has an incredibly low carbon footprint – just 21 grams of CO2 per km, which is less than walking or catching public transport and just one-tenth of the carbon footprint of driving. Despite the big contribution cyclists are making to a greener world, global warming continues to be a pressing problem, with NOAA’s 2020 Annual Climate Report showing that seven out of the 10 hottest years have occurred since 2014. The statistics indicate that everyone – including cyclists – can do their share to reduce their carbon footprint. Tires are arguably one of the least eco-friendly components of bikes but is it possible that they will soon be a whole lot ‘greener’?

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Santini and Vuelta a España 2021: eco-friendly jerseys for the leaders

The 2021 edition of the Vuelta a España plays out between August 14th and September 5th, spanning 21 classic stages spread across Spain. The race starts on August 14th from Burgos Cathedral and finishes on September 5th at Santiago de Compostela. The event gets underway with an 8-kilometer time trial and also ends with a 33.7-kilometer time trial between Padron and the Galizia capital. The classification leaders will be sporting jerseys made once again this year by Santini Cycling Wear from recycled fabrics.

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How Often Should You Replace a Bike Helmet?

A bike helmet is one of the most magnificent kits that can save your life during an accident. Taking that into your consideration, you have to purchase a quality helmet.

However, there is a lot of confusion regarding how often a bike helmet should be replaced. In practical terms, it depends on the helmet condition, but the United States Government Testing Body, CPSC, suggests replacing a helmet every 5 to 10 years.

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The Benefits of Pilates for Cyclists

Pilates is one of the hottest exercise trends of 2021. Not only is it popular in the US, but it’s also a certified hit in Europe as recent data predicts that the Pilates studios market in the continent will generate almost $50 billion by 2027. The majority of individuals have heard of Pilates, but are uncertain what it entails. In a nutshell, Pilates is a set of exercises performed with specialized equipment to develop flexibility, physical strength, and posture, as well as mental awareness.

Similar to cycling, the exercises need a great deal of precision and control, with a significant emphasis on technique. Some athletes and dancers have added Pilates to their fitness routines as it helps to enhance their performance, and cyclists may do well to incorporate this type of workout into their exercise routine. If you’re a cyclist who wants to shake up your fitness routine, consider Pilates and see how it can boost your performance.

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