The Advantages of Fat Tire E-Bikes for Mountain Biking in the Spring

The spring is knocking on the door, which means the snow is starting to melt. Since the weather is starting to warm up, perhaps mountain bikers are also looking forward to hitting the trails again.

Well, if you’re planning to go mountain biking this year, prepare your e bike with fat tires. You must go for fat tires, which provide more traction on loose terrains like sand, mud, and snow.

Fat tires also help reduce the impact of bumps or rocks by absorbing shocks. Once you have an e-bike with fat tires, just jump on the mountain trails and enjoy the best outdoor adventures riding. 

However, if you’re not familiar with mountain biking, let me help you. Here are some of the places that you can try:

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Should I Buy an eMTB or a Regular MTB for My Next Bike?

Are you looking for a new mountain bike but don’t know whether to go for an electric mountain bike (eMTB) or a regular mountain bike (MTB)? If so, you’re not alone. 

With the growing popularity of eMTBs, many riders are weighing the pros and cons of these bikes versus traditional mountain bikes. 

But, don’t worry, in this article, we will take an in-depth look at eMTBs and regular MTBs, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bike, and helping you determine which one is the best fit for your personal needs and preferences.

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Tips To Prepare for a Beach Cruiser Bike Trip

A trip down to the beach to enjoy the sun and fun can be a great vacation for families and individuals during the summer and even the winter. When your family hits the beach, there are a lot of activities that you are able to do from enjoying water sports to swimming and so much more. 

One thing that you should consider when you want to be active while enjoying all that the beach has to offer is to take a beach cruiser bike trip with family and friends. The beach cruiser bike is going to be fitted with balloon tires and allows for an upright sitting posture. This gives a unique feel while you are riding on the beach, helping you navigate better than before. 

When you decide to go on one of these bike trips, there are a few important tips that you can keep in mind to help make it more enjoyable and fun for everyone who decides to come along. Some of the simple tips that you can use to help you during your beach cruiser bike trip include:

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Ebike Black Friday 2022: Best Time to Purchase Electric Bikes

Thanksgiving season and Black Friday are that magical time of year when most companies are providing their best pricing of the year. If you know you would enjoy owning a quality electric bike, and you searching for a really good deal, then look no further. You’re in luck because MAGiCYCLE is presenting unbeatable prices on high-quality e-bikes that will keep you riding happily for many years.

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5 Cycling Photography Tips for Better Bicycle Photos

Photography is really fun and can be done by anyone, but when it comes to cycling photography, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, what makes cycling photography different from others?

Well, while performing cycling photography, you have to capture the action, speed, motion, power, emotions, and so on. And trust me, maintaining all the aspects is not that hard if you follow the proper cycling photography tips.

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Cycling Bags for Your E-Bike [2022 Buying Guide]

You may use your electric bicycle strictly for business, for pleasure, or a mixture of both. Regardless of the primary activity, at times most riders have the need to carry additional items with them. Cycling bags are a convenient method of adding useful cargo space to your electric bikes and in a variety of sizes and functions.

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Complete List of UCI Elite Men Road Race World Champions

The UCI Road World Championships are the annual world championships for bicycle road racing organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Here’s the complete list of the UCI Elite Men Road Race World Champions.

The first professional world championship took place in July 1927 at the Nürburgring in Germany, where legendary Italian Alfredo Binda won the professional men’s race.

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Benefits of Riding an Electric Trike

What exactly is the function of the third wheel on an electric trike? When you were a kid, the playground was probably where you appreciated stability the most. That’s why you like the tricycle style so much. There is no doubt as to the reason why the majority of children’s first riding experience was with a tricycle. An electric tricycle provides a stable foundation since the rider has not yet developed the balance required to ride a two-wheeler.

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Pros of Riding an Electric Fat Tire Trike

Electric vehicles have been gaining more and more attention ever since gas prices started to rise. Many cyclists tend to own an electric tricycle/bicycle. Also, the convenience and versatility of an electric tricycle make it a more excellent choice than the bicycle. But indeed, they are a considerable investment. So you may hesitate to choose an e-trike when you can have a traditional bike or trike. Then here are the pros of riding an electric fat tire trike to help you make a decision!

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