2013 Dura-Ace, Shimano’s high-end road groupset will be 11 speed. The new version of the groupset is also lighter and stiffer.

The electronic group Di2 shares mechanical Dura-Ace’s crankset, chain, cassette, and brakes, as before. Plus, there have been some big changes. The old wiring has been ditched in favor of the slimmer, modular, dual-core E-Tube configuration used on Ultegra Di2. This means we now have the option to mix and match the mechanical and electronic groups, so we can expect some value-added options in complete bike specs next year.

Dura-Ace 25th Anniversary Group

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2013 Dura-Ace DA9000 (Mechanical)

2013 Dura-Ace
2013 Dura-Ace2013 Dura-Ace mechanical group is 77 grams lighter than the current generation, Dura-Ace 7900, and makes shifts easier to trigger while improving lever ergonomics.

2013 version of the Dura-Ace mechanical group is 77 grams lighter than the current generation, Dura-Ace 7900, and makes shifts easier to trigger while improving lever ergonomics.

DA9000 is an 11-speed-only group, no 10-speed version is available. There’s a different cable pull for both front and rear derailleurs, so there’s no compatibility between the previous 7900 shifters and derailleurs. Although the chainrings are the same width as the 10-speed rings from the 7900 group, the chain and tooth profiles on both the chainrings and cogs have been revised for 11-speed.

The new four-arm design of the crankset puts the strength where most of the pressure comes in a pedal stroke. Shimano has been studying the four-arm designs for about 3 years and testing the rideable samples for about 18 months. Team Sky has been racing with the later prototypes this season. No one has been racing with the new Di2 components yet.

Available crankset ratios are 55/42 – 54/42 – 53/39 – 52/36 – 52/38 – 50/34.

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Crankset 53-39
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Crankset 53-39

According to Shimano, with the new Dura-Ace 9000 dual control levers, release lever stroke reduced by 30%, shifting effort up to 47% lowered and effort at the end of the lever stroke reduced by 43%, compared to previous ST-7900. New 9000 also uses Polymer-coated cables for the smoothest shifting.

Rear derailleur supports max. 28 teeth of the sprocket.

Bradley Wiggins Tour de France 2012 Dura-Ace 9000
Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France 2012 using Dura-Ace 9000.

2013 Dura-Ace Di2 9070 (Electronic)

The new Dura-Ace Di2 9070 derailleurs are much smaller and the shifters have larger, wider buttons and they have more wiring ports available. Shimano upgraded the entire system to the newer E-Tube wiring from Ultegra Di2.

The old Dura-Ace Di2 was a closed system. The new Dura-Ace Di2 9070 is “programmable”. With the new system, for example, you can even program the right shifter to work the front derailleur if you want. You can also program the shifters to simply make the right shifter shift harder and the left shifter shift easier, or vice versa, or really whatever.

The new 9070 Di2 also adds Multi-Shift Function like Campagnolo EPS. Shimano also releases E-Tube Project Software. It is free software and a PC connector is included with the Di2 system. You will get a username and password when you buy Di2, that lets you download the software, but you will need the connector (included in the Di2 package) to do anything with it. There is PC version only, but Shimano working on a Mac version.

Both Di2 9070 derailleurs are smaller than the previous version and each of the Di2 parts has lost weight. The new shifters have taller shift buttons and they are more distinct than before, to make it easier to shift with thick gloves in winter.

Shimano will also be producing a set of single-button time trial shifters. Professional teams came up with the idea of one button per extension, similar to the sprint shifters, both buttons controlling the rear derailleur. The new shifter will be producing with the code ST-9071.

BMC TMR01 Dura Ace Di2
BMC TMR01 Time Machine, equipped with 2013 Dura-Ace Di2

Casette Sprocket Options (Both groupsets):

  • 11-23: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23
  • 11-25: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-25
  • 11-28: 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25-28
  • 12-25: 12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23-25
  • 12-28: 12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-25-28


Dual Control Levers237 grams255 grams365 grams379 grams280 grams
Front  Derailleur114 grams124 grams66 grams67 grams74 grams
Rear Derailleur217 grams225 grams158 grams166 grams145 grams
Brakes (front+rear)297 grams293 grams297 grams293 grams240 grams
Crankset + BB683 grams735 grams683 grams735 grams610 grams
Cassette166 grams163 grams166 grams163 grams135 grams
Chain243 grams252 grams243 grams252 grams255 grams
Electronic Parts90 grams172 grams
Total2047 grams2219 grams1978 grams2055 grams1739 grams


C24 clincher 1,364  3831,400
C24 tubeless  1,454 420 1,500
C35 clincher  1,488  439 2,200
C35 tubular  1,362 362 3,000
C50 clincher  1,6722,400
C50 tubular  1,449 –3,200
C75 tubular  1,545 –3,500

The new 2013 Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical series will be available starting in September 2012. After that, the electronic 9070 Di2 will follow in December. Prices will be around:

  • Dura-Ace 9000 Mechanical Groupset: $2,695
  • Di2 9070: $4,139


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