BOO SL-R Road Bike

BOO SL-R Road Bike

The SL-R is top-of-the-line road frame of Boo Bicycles. Bamboo soaks up vibration much better than other frame materials, meaning you can stay in the saddle longer and more comfortably on the SL-R. The bumps, noise, and chatter of the road surface are quieted by the vibration-damping abilities of the bamboo.

The SL-R sports 12x142mm QR thru-axle carbon dropouts for a stiff rear end and near-effortless removal of the rear wheel. A generous 28mm of tire clearance allows for wider road meats should the need, or desire, arise.

“Unlike some other performance road bikes, which can feel twitchy and unforgiving in the corners, the SL-R boasts confident and responsive handling. This is also thanks to the material properties of the bamboo, which has a small amount of torsional (twisting) compliance.”

“When the bike turns, the top and down tubes can flex slightly in a twisting direction. This affords the SL-R a forgiving and planted feel through the curves, as it follows the line you set and deflects the rest.”

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