Curt Goodrich Gulf Racing Sax Max

Curt Goodrich Gulf Racing Sax Max

Curt Goodrich Gulf Racing Sax Max. “A great road bike is for all seasons but really shows its stuff when the going gets fast. Whether accelerating, descending, holding a line, or carving a turn, the bike is balanced and responsive, poised and predictable. I’ll design your bike to suit your preferred style and to meet the road head-on, whether you like to race, take long solo spins, ride weekends with friends, or train with the club. I prefer level top tube designs or nominal slope for fit with smart, straightforward choices to enhance the bike’s purpose, like maximum clearances for tires using short-reach brakes or braze-ons for a pump or chain-hanger. I’ll choose the lightest tubes appropriate for your size and weight so that the sum of design is greater than the parts. Options are kept to a minimum because a great road bike is all business and the fun of riding speaks for itself.”

M. Özgür Nevres

I am a software developer, an ex-racing cyclist (at the amateur level) and a science enthusiast. Also an animal lover! I write about cycling on this website, You can check out my social media profiles by clicking on their icons.
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