De Rosa Nuovo Classico

De Rosa Nuovo Classico

De Rosa Nuovo Classico – Ugo Blue. A steel beauty.

“The change is immediate. The intake of breath and the word ‘steel’, offered with reverence and in hushed tones; that is what happens when a cycling aficionado sees the Nuovo Classico. Strength, determination and tradition are the words that describe the Nuovo Classico steel frame, a made to measure for cyclists of discerning taste who appreciate classic styling and exclusivity. Those who appreciate steel frames move their hand gently over the micro-fuse welded joints and the hand finishes and shudder, simultaneously joyful and incredulous at having found a work of art on two wheels. Nuovo Classicos offered in three distinct colors including the unmistakable Ugo Blue.”

M. Özgür Nevres

I am a software developer, an ex-racing cyclist (at the amateur level) and a science enthusiast. Also an animal lover! I write about cycling on this website, You can check out my social media profiles by clicking on their icons.
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