Equilibrium E1

Equilibrium E1 steel road bike

Equilibrium E1 steel road bike, equipped with Campagnolo Super Record. “New generation of steel offers a possibility to make truly lightweight frame with lively and responsive ride without sacrificing comfort and strength of construction. At EQ I exclusively use high end italian and american made steels from Columbus, True Temper, KVA stainless for their innovative design, uncompromized quality and constant pushing the limits. Working with steel allows to personalize frame material and shape/size, butt profiles to customer’s desired ride feel and intended use. Steel is good for almost any imaginable application from road racing, long touring to tail riding, commuting etc. For its multipurpose ability and strength it won’t let you down in any road condition and unexpected situations. If properly looked after there is no reason why it can’t serve a lifetime to its owner .”

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