A Journey road bike

A Journey road bike

Journey Bicycles, LLC was founded in August, 2014 by Matt Conrad. The company is based in Phoenix, AZ, United States and is focused on building and repairing carbon fiber bicycle frames.

“Because each frame is completely custom, there’s no exact weight for our frames. As an example, a recently finished (painted with graphics) 50cm frame weighed 1,000 grams.”

“My frames aren’t the lightest in the world. I don’t want to build a frame that is so fragile that you have to handle it with kid gloves. Bicycles get knocked around sometimes and I don’t want to be doing a carbon repair on one of our frames because I used a tube that was too thin for reality. Because I also have a busy carbon repair business, I see broken frames every day. From this experience I know that sometimes a slightly (a few ounces) more robust build would have saved the frame from damage that cost hundreds to repair.” -Matt Conrad

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