Legor Cicli Road Bike

Legor Cicli Road Bike

Legor Cicli is founded by the framebuilder Mattia Paganotti. The company is located in Barcelona, Spain. In 2008, as he started riding track bikes, he began to attend to workshops of his town’s (Brescia, Italy) framebuilders, and then he became passionate about framebuilding. He worked with the legendary framebuilders Tiziano Zullo and Dario Pegoretti. Every Legor Cicli frame is made out of a master choice of special Columbus tubing. Fully bespoke and custom made, from geometry to paint job, and working closely with Enve and Chris King.

M. Özgür Nevres

I am a software developer, a former road racing cyclist (at the amateur level) and a science enthusiast. Also an animal lover! I write about cycling on this website, You can check out my social media profiles by clicking on their icons.

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