Machine Bicycles Co. Road Bike

Machine Bicycles Co. Road Bike

Machine Bicycle Co. was founded by Kyle Ward, who builds the hand-crafted road, cyclo-x, and track bikes.

“Steel is an OG. Bicycles have been designed out of steel from the very beginning (approx = the year 1817). Now wood was a more workable material and thus implemented into a large part of those early bicycles. However, it wasn’t long until steel was the heart of the bicycle. Given that bikes are still made from steel today, we are going on for 200 years. After using steel for 200 years a lot of decisions have been made, redacted, remade, failed and succeeded. The result: tried and proven the test of time. We know how to achieve the desired ride quality. We know how to fit that ride quality to the human body. And we know how the human and the bicycle move together through space as a symbiotic Machine.” -Kyle Ward

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