Parlee Altum LE

Parlee Altum LE

Parlee Cycles was founded by Bob Parlee in 2000. The company is located in Beverly, Massachusetts, United States. The company builds custom handmade carbon bicycles. Mr. Parlee has 20+ years of experience in the boat-building business, which helped him to understand the capabilities of composite materials.

“Carbon fiber is perfect for building bikes because it has such a high strength-to-weight ratio and that’s why it doesn’t make sense to focus on styling, which just adds weight and reduces ride quality. It’s akin to putting fins on a car. They may look cool, but they don’t make the car faster. Instead, our guiding principle is efficiency. We use carbon fiber strategically to achieve a certain level of performance. To create a bike specifically for you that does exactly what it’s intended to do-whether that’s road racing, daily training rides, cyclocross or all-day epics.”

“Targeted performance meets tailor-made fit. That’s what defines a Parlee bike.” -Bob Parlee

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