A Pelizzoli track bike

A Pelizzoli track bike

Founded in 1967, Cicli Pelizzoli is based in Curno, Bergamo, Italy. Their bikes are 100% handmade built in Italy. The famous Ciocc bicycles company was started by Giovanni Pelizzoli himself. According to Pelizolli, Ciocc was a nickname (“Poker Face” in the dialect around Bergamo) given to himself, his father, and his grandfather – so he put it on his bikes. In 1977, amateur racer Claudio Corti won the U23 Worlds in San Cristobal, Venezuela on a Ciocc. The company’s signature model was called the “San Cristobal”, to honor this achievement.

During the 70s and 80s, the Polish National Team used Ciocc bikes, and at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Czeslaw Lang of Poland rode a Ciocc to a second place finish in the 189 km individual road race. Afterwards, Pelizzoli started to build a model known as the “Mockba 1980.”

In 1980, Pelizzoli sold the Ciocc name. In 1983, he began building frames under the Pelizzoli name. Today, Pelizzoli builds a few of his own frames, but he is primarily known for his amazing paint jobs. His frame painting company is called TITAAC and along with his own frames, he paints Guerciotti frames and also builds some aluminum frames for Guerciotti.

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