A Peter Mooney road bike

A Peter Mooney road bike

Peter Mooney Cycles is a part of Wheelworks, in Belmont, Massachusetts, United States. Peter has played a major role in developing Wheelworks into one of New England’s premiere bicycle retailers. He and like-minded partners opened the first Wheelworks store in 1977. He is still building bicycle frames, catering to a market that appreciates a hand-built, lugged or filet-brazed frame.

Why lugged steel? In an age of welded joints and high tech materials, why continue building frames using this old-fashioned method? Peter explains:

“The price of a high-quality lug set, bottom bracket, and fork crown can be close to the price of the entire tube set. It’s no wonder so many frame builders have chosen the welding as a replacement. Lugs reinforce high wear areas on a frame. They provide an extra thickness where headset cups and seatpost clamps can distort thin walled tubes or require the use of thicker, heavier tubing. Lugs can also facilitate easier tube replacement and repairs, should they be necessary. And practicality aside, lugs unquestionably add much to the beauty of your bicycle. All in all, I continue using steel for its smooth road handling personality, and lugs for their aesthetic charm. The finished result is one I take great pride in and trust you will too.”

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