Quiring road bike

Quiring road bike

Quiring stainless steel road bike. Stainless basically has the same Modulus of Elasticity as steel. Therefore, it has a very similar feel to legendary steel frames. The stainless is rust resistant so it requires less concern for corrosion. This in turn means the metal of the frame can be left raw to save weight. Thus, one can expect the weight of a stainless frame to be closer to that of titanium, but the liveliness closer to that of a high-quality steel frame.

Stainless tubing used in Quiring custom frames is drawn into very thin butted walls to save weight. Based on data provided by the tubing manufacturers, what it lacks in wall thickness is made up by an amazing tensile strength. This stainless steel base metal has a breaking strength of an incredible 200,000 psi or more. Or, in other words, it is 500% more than the tensile strength of typical aluminum alloys, and a little more than 60% stronger in tensile strength when compared with 3/2.5 titanium in a cold-worked-stress-relieved state.

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