Lotto-Belisol 2014 jersey has a retro look, and it is red and white in color. The Belgian team revealed the new kit on their website and stated that “With ten riders leaving and nine newcomers the team will be partly different in the upcoming cycling year. That’s why there was chosen for a restyling of the shirt and the team will have a new look!”

“The most important aim of the design was to refer to the 30 years of Lotto tradition in cycling with a basic retro look on one hand and to come forward together with Belisol as one close team on the other, and emphasizing with it the Belgian character of the team. Also basic values ‘offering opportunities’ and ‘fulfilling dreams’ are reinforced with it.”

Lotto-Belisol 2014 Jersey
Team Lotto-Belisol 2014 Jersey is red and white in color and has a retro look.

Team Lotto-Belisol is sponsored by the Belgian lottery and Belisol, a Belgian window and door manufacturer. The same organizations also sponsor a women’s cycling team, Lotto Belisol Ladies.

Lotto (the Belgian lottery) has a long history of cycling sponsorship, they began sponsoring 1984 with Tönissteiner-Lotto-Mavic-Pecotex. In 1985, it became a prime sponsor of a team bearing only its name. Walter Godefroot and Patrick Lefevere were early directeur sportifs. The fusion of the Lotto-Adecco and Domo-Farm Frites teams for the start of the 2003 season created the current team and structure in the guise of Lotto-Domo.

From 2010 the team became known as Omega Pharma-Lotto. Omega Pharma had previously been a co-sponsor of the Quick-Step-Davitamon team in 2003 and 2004. Omega Pharma became the main sponsor in 2005, under their Davitamon brand name. The team name switched to Omega Pharma’s Predictor brand name in 2007 and the Silence brand in 2008.

In 2012, Omega Pharma moved to Quick-Step setup as the main sponsor.

Lotto Team name history

1985 Lotto
1986 Lotto-Emerxil-Merckx
1987 Lotto-Merckx
1988 Lotto
1988-1989 Lotto-Vlaanderen-Jong-Mbk-Merckx
1990 Lotto-Superclub
1991 Lotto
1992 Lotto-Mavic-MBK
1993-1994 Lotto
1995 Lotto-Isoglass
1996 Lotto
1997 Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass
1998-1999 Lotto-Mobistar
2000-2002 Lotto-Adecco
2003-2004 Lotto-Domo (LOT)
2005-2006 Davitamon-Lotto (DVL)
2007 Predictor-Lotto (PRL)
2008-2009 Silence-Lotto (SIL)
2010-2011 Omega Pharma-Lotto (OLO)
2012- Lotto-Belisol (LTB)

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