Schwalbe Lugano 700x25c Clincher Road Tires (review)

I bought a Cannondale CAAD10 (2015) in the last April, and it was equipped with Schwalbe Lugano 700x25c clincher road tires. After a few months on them pair, I decided to write a review.
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Cannondale 2015 Road Bike Series -II- CAAD10

“Lighter, stiffer and smoother than many elite carbon frames”. This is the slogan of the Cannondale CAAD10, American bicycle manufacturer’s most popular aluminium frame series. CAAD10 is lightweight, stiff, and fast. Its EVO-like geometry gives you razor-sharp cornering and aggressive race positioning.

This year also two disc build options are available, for the first time.
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Top 12 iconic bikes in cycling history

I’ve inspired by GCN’s video titled “Top 10 iconic road bikes in racing history” while writing this post. I made some changes, excluded some of Daniel Lloyd’s choices, and extended the list by including a few bikes.
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Cannondale Caad10 2014

Cannondale is producing award-winning CAAD (Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design) series of road bikes since 1983. CAAD10 is the current generation of the American bike manufacturer’s top aluminum frame.

CAAD frames are legendary, because they’re lighter, stiffer, and smoother riding than many elite carbon frames. Cannondale claims that the CAAD10 is the most sophisticated, highest performance aluminum race bike ever made.
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Cannondale SuperSix Evo 2014

Cannondale SuperSix Evo is the admiral ship of American bicycle manufacturer Cannondale. It is coming with 13 different build options.
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2013 Cannondale Caad10

The last generation of CAAD, Cannondale’s most popular aluminium frame series, CAAD10 has 1,050g frame. This is even lighter than some carbon frames on the market. Compared to 2012 edition, the 2013 frame hasn’t changed at all, but there are more build options available.
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