Cancellara’s special edition Trek Madone for Tour de France (Video)

In his final year as a pro, Fabian Cancellara got a special-edition Trek Madone for his last Tour de France. The bike is specially painted for him, and it celebrates the Spartacus’ entire career.
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Trek 2014 Models

Trek has launched its 2014 series road bikes. The most remarkable improvement in the new Trek road bikes is the strong specs on the entry-level 1 Series. Now all Trek 1 series frames have a carbon fork, including the 1.1. There are also improvements across the Madone and Domane lines, i.e. the frames of the Madone 4 Series are aero now.

Trek have announced that, from now on, they won’t do annual updates, instead they’ll release bikes as soon as they are developed and produced. They called this as “Apple approach”: Trek UK marketing manager Chris Garrison said that “We are taking more of the Apple approach. When the iPhone 5 is ready, it’s ready, and it goes on sale. But you can still buy an iPhone 4 if that’s your thing.”
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Trek Madone 2013: Stiffer, Lighter, More Aero

The new 2013 Trek Madone series are coming with improvements to aerodynamics, weight and stiffness. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-series are OCLV carbon, while 2 series are alloy. The top of the line model, Trek Madone 7.9, at 40kph in a 10° crosswind, claiming to save 25 watts over the prior model (distance not specified). In addition to the aerodynamic improvements, frame weight has dropped down to 750 grams (7-series) (from 915g to 750g, a 165g savings). Compared to previous 7 series of Trek Madone, it cuts almost 200 grams from the frame and fork without diminishing ride quality or stiffness.
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