Vuelta a España 2014 Stage 19 Details

Stage 19 of Vuelta a España 2014 is a 180.5 km hilly stage from Salvaterra Do Miño to Cangas Do Morrazo.

Riders will face two 2nd category climbs, the last of which is located just 19 kilometer from the finish line and will be the final decider as only the strongest riders will have a chance to fight for the stage victory.


DATE September 12 2014, Friday
START-FINISH Salvaterra Do Miño (45 m) > Cangas Do Morrazo (10 m)
Vuelta a España 2014 stage 19 last kms
Vuelta a España 2014 stage 19 last kms

Salvaterra Do Miño

The bridge between Salvaterra Do Miño and Monçao
The bridge between Salvaterra Do Miño and Monçao. The Minno river (Río Miño or Rio Minho) is the southern natural border that today separates Portugal with its fortified town of Monçao from current Galicia to the north.

Salvaterra de Miño is a municipality (concello) in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra.

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Salvaterra de Miño has a strategic position in the South of the Province of Pontevedra. The Miño River bathes its land, while simultaneously joining it and separating it from Portugal.

It is the historical capital of the County, an ancient town and an ambassador for County Wine that falls under the appellation of origin Rias Baixas, one of the main sources of economic wealth for the local economy. It is also the wine that the Fiesta del Vino del Condado (County Wine Fiesta) is dedicated to, this year in its 55th edition.

The Romans left evidence of their time here, Queen Doña Urraca reigned our lands, Salvaterra formed part of Portugal in the 17th century – all historic events that enriched our history and culture.

The town has a very important Cultural Heritage, transepts, petos de animas, Portal da Inquisicion, Recinto Amurallado (Walled Enclosure), Casa del Conde (Count’s House), the Doña Urraca Castle, Pazos, Puente Medieval (Medieval Bridge)… that fill our territory with charm and, along with the Fillaboa Island, A Canuda Public Park and river walks, make the municipality a wonderful place to enjoy both history and nature.

Cangas Do Morrazo

Cangas do Morrazo
Playa de Viño, Cangas do Morrazo

Cangas, also known as Cangas do Morrazo, is a town and municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra.

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Cangas, a Galician municipality declared a Touristic Interest Site, is located in the Southwest end of the Morrazo Peninsula, right in the heart of the Rias Baixas and flanked by the Cies and Ons islands. In order to discover all its wealth, you must take a walk through its five parishes, as Cangas has a notable historical-artistic heritage with a wide range of monuments on offer, from the archaeological remains of the Monte do Facho, to the works of contemporary artists such as Asorey, churches like the Ex-Collegiate Church of Santiago de Cangas, transepts of great value, like the one at O Hio, or beautiful examples of marine architecture, like the “casas de patín”.

Cangas also has a lot to offer in terms of landscapes, with hiking trails that take you through different locations from which you can observe steep cliffs, extensive dune fields and fine sandy beaches with clear waters. When it comes to the number of beaches, Cangas holds a municipal record with thirty-eight, ten of them Blue Flag beaches, some located in the centre of town and others further away and not easily accessible, for those who like their solitude.

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