Getting from one place to another these days has been quite challenging. Rush hour traffic is such a headache. On top of that, there are the increasing environmental repercussions that modern vehicles bring about. While daily commute to and from work can’t be totally eradicated, it can be done in environmentally friendlier ways. One of them is through cycling.

Cycling as a means of commuting can usher in a number of benefits to you in particular and the world at large in general, ranging from saving money from transportation, living a healthier lifestyle, and maximizing time.

The key here is choosing the right road bike to suit your needs and style. You can start by considering two important factors-comfort and practicality. To help you choose well, we’ve compiled some of the best road bikes that you can use for commuting.

1. Endurance Road Bikes

The clue is in the name. Endurance road bikes make it easier to be on the saddle for longer periods of the day, making it an ideal choice for commuting by bike. It’s designed to provide comfort by protecting your backside from vibrations on your seat, allowing you to eat up miles with ease. It’s also equipped with disc brakes, which work so much better in the wet. This means you can have a reliable bike ride in any weather. Even if you need to brave long-distance, rough roads, this type of road bike will do just fine.

Plus, endurance road bikes offer more than comfort and practicality. They help you enjoy your time riding to and from work, as well.

2. Hybrid bikes

Best bicycle types for commuting: Hybrid bike
Best bicycle types for commuting: A hybrid bike is a cross between a standard road bike and a mountain bike. Photo by taehwan kim on Pixabay

A cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, hybrid bikes don’t look out of place on the road. It’s often lightweight with upright geometry, specifically designed for beginners and recreational riders who want a versatile bike on the road. They are best for riding around the city and commuting to work. Hybrid bikes allow you to tackle any terrain without any worries. You can be sure to maximize comfort while allowing you a faster speed to get around town.

3. Motorized bikes

Motorized bikes are quite popular nowadays, mostly owing to their practicality and environmental contributions. This type of road bike is equipped with motors, either powered by gas or electricity, that assist you in pedaling with ease. A motorized road bike makes riding to work ideal, mainly because it lessens physical exertion and heavy perspiration. You can arrive at work fresh and prompt, beating the traffic with less effort on your end.

4. Mountain bikes modified for road riding

Mountain bikes are designed for rough surfaces. They are built for short off-road rides. But still, you can use a modified mountain bike for commuting. You need to do some modifications though – especially to correct your body posture for long rides and reduce the bicycle’s weight. To achieve this, you can use semi-slick tires with high pressure (to reduce weight and improve comfort – standard Mtb tires also drain your energy on the road), adjust the seat height, and even install a drop bar.

5. Ultralight Road Bikes

Made with the lightest materials, ultralight road bikes are great for long climbs. They’re also faster in flatter terrains. If you’re all for the speed when commuting, then this type of bike will suit your needs. It is even better if you live somewhere with both flat and rolling grounds. Ultralight road bikes offer a great blend of speed and efficiency.

6. Touring Bikes

Do you need to travel a longer distance to work while carrying heavy loads? You might want to consider getting a touring bike. This type of bike is built for comfort over longer rides. It’s outfitted with tough wheels and rims that allow you to cope with the loads and surfaces. You can add accessory mounts for racks and bags, making it perfect when it comes to carrying capacity. Easy, calm rides are on the table for this durable bike, whether you’re commuting or doing recreational rides. A touring bike is a good pick for everyday use.

7. Fixies

All single-speed bikes, including fixed gear, have an absolute minimum of moving parts possible. This reduces the required time for cleaning and maintenance and makes fixed gear a great commute bike – especially in winter conditions. Most probably it is one of the main reasons they did become so popular with New York bike couriers in the 80s and 90s.

Wrapping It Up

There’s never been a better time to ride a bicycle around town than now when most cities have built bike lanes and encouraged residents to commute by bike. If you’re planning to ride a bike for commuting, whether you’re running for errands or getting to work, then choosing the ideal bike is a great start.

Knowing what options you’ve out there will help you get the bike that will best suit your needs. Just remember to consider comfort, efficiency, and practicality when making your choice.

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