Cycling to work? Here’s how to prevent helmet hair and look great after a bike ride

Going on a bike ride is one of the best ways to have a speedy commute to work. Moreover, it’s a great way to get some exercise into your daily routine and live a healthier and longer life. But let’s face it, just a few minutes of wearing a helmet can wreak havoc with your […]

Useful Tips For Cycling With Diabetes

At present, more than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Regular physical activity is a crucial part of a diabetes management plan. Not only does it decrease body weight and improve cardiac health, but it helps to protect against insulin resistance as well.

The Greener Way To Maintain Your Bike

Studies estimate that switching to a bike from a car can reduce your carbon output by more than 10 times cumulatively. Cycling is leading the way in terms of green transportation. Strategies like improving more sustainable ways of production, upcycling or repurposing bikes, and using more environmentally friendly cleaning products are all gaining traction as […]

Low-Impact Sports Like Cycling May Put Your Bones at Risk. Adding Running to Your Exercises Can Help

Being a dedicated cyclist is great for almost every part of your body and mind. But, could it be putting your bone health at risk? Turns out, people who spend a lot of time cycling experience lower bone density, especially professional cyclists, even though they are otherwise healthy, fit and young. Even those cyclists who […]

The lure of cycling: tips from a middle-aged man in Lycra

Tim Olds, University of South Australia I confess, I’m a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra). In fact, at my stage of life, I’m a SMILEY (Senior Male in Lycra/Elastane, Yo). Like most forms of physical activity, cycling is good for you. Just two hours of easy cycling each week – or one hour flat out […]

How To Film Your Ride To Improve Cycling Performance And Speed

Why film your ride? Studies have found that professional cyclists have a superior pedaling technique to elite cyclists. This is perhaps no surprise, given the level of training and dedication required at a professional level. But in order to improve speed and reduce the risk of injury, leisure cyclists can learn from the pros. By […]

Feeling Nauseous While Cycling? Here’s How To Kick Motion Sickness To The Curb

Motion sickness is a common condition, and 1 in 3 people are likely to experience it at some point in their lives. While this condition is often associated with car travel, some people may also experience dizziness or nausea while riding a bike. However, it’s important to know that feeling nauseous while cycling isn’t caused […]