Cycling at Night? Five Must-Have Tips You Need to Know

After I started cycling, I have come to realize that there are lots of benefits associated with this sport. Cycling typically combines physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new views. Exercise, on the other hand, can have nearly endless positive impacts on your wellbeing. You can either ride alone, which gives you time to […]

How to Sprint – tips, and tricks

Winning races usually requires sprinting ability. If you’re racing a bike, as an amateur or professional, becoming a better sprinter can be the difference between 1st place or the 20th. So it’s crucial to learn how to sprint. You can say “I am not a racer, why to work on my sprint?” Because sprinting is […]

Top 5 Time Trial Tips from Luke Durbridge

Australian Team Orica-GreenEDGE published another good video on their youtube channel. Luke Durbridge, 2011 Under 23 World Time Trial Champion and Australia’s National Time Trial Champion for the last 2 years (plus 2011 Under 23 National Time Trial Champion) revealed their top five Time Trial tips.

Countersteering and cornering tips

The main cornering technique on a two-wheeled vehicle is countersteering. In cycling, cornering is very important, especially in criteriums, during long downhills, and when a road race enters a city. By learning the true techniques, you can corner faster and much safer way, and conserve your energy. Having good cornering skills gives you a great […]

Top 10 tips to climb better and faster

Top 10 tips to climb better and faster: Climbing is not fun, for most of the cyclists. It is slow, painful and sometimes you feel beaten up, especially you’re out of form and overweight. To make things worse, climbing ability is the key to win most of the races. But you can climb better following […]