Mountain bikers can strengthen the connection between humans, nature and recreational space

Jim Cherrington, Sheffield Hallam University Lockdown and socialising restrictions have led to many people increasingly appreciating the great outdoors. In many areas there has been a sharp increase in the number of people out cycling and walking every day.

Road Safety: switch to cycling to keep others safe

Rachel Aldred, University of Westminster and James Woodcock, University of Cambridge Analysis from the UK Department for Transport compares the risk of being injured when you are cycling, driving or walking. Motorcyclists have an especially high risk of death, followed by pedestrians and cyclists. Those in vans, buses or lorries are safest.

The lure of cycling: tips from a middle-aged man in Lycra

Tim Olds, University of South Australia I confess, I’m a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra). In fact, at my stage of life, I’m a SMILEY (Senior Male in Lycra/Elastane, Yo). Like most forms of physical activity, cycling is good for you. Just two hours of easy cycling each week – or one hour flat out […]

The strange biomechanics of riding – and balancing – a bicycle

Stephen Cain, University of Michigan Humans have been riding bicycle-like machines for close to 200 years, beginning with the Draisine or “velocipede” in 1817. While riding and balancing a bicycle can seem simple and effortless, the actual control process used by a human rider is still somewhat of a mystery. Using mathematical equations, researchers have […]

Stop that car, and plan cities around bikes to make cycling a real option for more women

Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University, Newcastle Growing up in North Germany, cycling was my main means of transport, as would be usual for residents. When I moved to Newcastle, northern England in 1996, I stopped. The clear cycle paths I was used to in Germany simply didn’t exist and I didn’t feel safe. But slowly I […]

How to dope in cycling and get away with it

Craig Fry, Victoria University As an academic researcher, I have studied drugs in society for the last 20 years. In my current job, I also study cycling history and culture, and the place of drugs and doping in this sport. I know a lot about this topic. But something new dawned on me the other […]

Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists

Seamus Allison, Nottingham Trent University Cyclists globally are much maligned by drivers who may never have thought about the many benefits they provide. In fact, cycling as a form of truly sustainable transport is increasingly the focus of attention by governments seeking solutions to multiple societal problems.

How fast can a human cycle? With aerodynamic help, the 300km per hour barrier seems easily within reach

Timothy Crouch, Monash University British cyclist Neil Campbell recently set a new record for the men’s “fastest bicycle in a slipstream”, clocking up a breathtaking 280km per hour.