Top 18 fastest Paris-Roubaix editions

Here are the top 18 fastest Paris-Roubaix editions – the winner, average speed, winning time, and weather conditions. The average speed of the fastest Paris-Roubaix ever (2024 edition) was 47.8 km/h (29.7 mph), won by the Dutch cyclist Mathieu van der Poel of Alpecin-Deceuninck.

Col de Tourmalet [Amazing photo from the 1953 Tour de France]

An amazing photo from the 1953 Tour de France: Atop the misty heights of the Col du Tourmalet, a legendary pass in the challenging Pyrenees, thousands of enthusiastic spectators eagerly gathered. Their anticipation reached a fever pitch as a group of cyclists burst into view, swiftly traversing the mountainous terrain.

Bernard Hinault and Francesco Moser, 1981 Paris-Roubaix

A beautiful photo of the two cycling giants: Bernard Hinault and Francesco Moser, during the 1981 Paris-Roubaix. The photo was taken by Albert Van Donghe. Hinault won the race prevailing in front of former four times winner Roger De Vlaeminck and reigning triple winner Francesco Moser on a rainy and muddy day. Ironically, Paris-Roubaix was …

Alto de l’Angliru: the hardest climb in cycling’s Grand Tours

Alto de l’Angliru, also known as La Gamonal is a very steep mountain road in Asturias, near La Vega-Riosa, in northern Spain. Dubbed as the “hardest climb in the Vuelta a España“, where it is often used, the Angliru is considered one of the most demanding climbs in professional road bicycle racing.

Complete List of UCI Elite Men Road Race World Champions

The UCI Road World Championships are the annual world championships for bicycle road racing organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Here’s the complete list of the UCI Elite Men Road Race World Champions. The first professional world championship took place in July 1927 at the Nürburgring in Germany, where legendary Italian Alfredo Binda won …

Tour de France Winner Groupsets [Year by Year, from 1937 to 2023]

Tour de France is the world’s most popular and prestigious bicycle race. Wining “the Tour” is a great victory for cyclists, as well as groupset producers. Here are the Tour de France Winner Groupsets, since 1937, year by year (also the average speeds of each year’s winner).

Arrière du peloton, Tête de la course, and other terms you see on the screen while watching the Tour de France [Explained]

As the peloton breezes through quaint villages and over breathtaking mountains, the Tour de France offers a captivating spectacle. Yet, for the uninitiated, the screen is filled with French phrases like “Arrière du peloton” and “Tête de la course”, which can leave viewers puzzled. These terms not only add a dash of cultural flavor but …

What is a Satellite Rider? [Explained]

In the thrilling domain of professional cycling, understanding the tactical interplay and roles within a team is crucial to comprehending the overall dynamics of the race. Among these roles, the job of a ‘satellite rider’ is particularly interesting and instrumental in shaping the course of a race. Here we will delve into the functions of …

What is a Puncheur in Cycling? [Explained]

The exhilarating world of cycling is populated with a variety of athletes, each bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to the race. Among them, a special category of road bicycle racer stands out, adept at navigating rolling terrains with short but steep climbs – the puncheur. This article aims to delve deeper into …

What is Grupetto in cycling? [Autobus explained]

Beneath the exhilarating thrill of professional cycling lie layers of strategy and camaraderie that are often overlooked by the casual observer. One such example is the phenomenon of the Grupetto, also known as the Autobus. Stemming from Italian origins, the term Grupetto literally translates to a “small group,” while Autobus denotes a vehicle carrying many …