Cycling connects people

Cycling connects people

There is a big community of cyclists across the world. If you have moved to a new location or relocated back home after a long time and are looking to meet and connect with people, joining a cycling community in your neighborhood could be a great option. Even though you do not cycle in a group, you tend to notice people you encounter on your everyday ride. With time, these people may develop to be acquaintances and later friends.

Cycling offers numerous benefits. Whether you are doing it for fun, to get from one place to another, as a means of attaining your fitness goals or for socialization purposes, you will benefit in more ways than one from cycling.

M. Özgür Nevres

I am a software developer, a former road racing cyclist (at the amateur level) and a science enthusiast. Also an animal lover! I write about cycling on this website, You can check out my social media profiles by clicking on their icons.
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