A number of novelties are being presented at the Eurobike international fair, which opens in Friedrichshafen today, but one, in particular, stands out. This is the first E-BIKE to come equipped with the innovative ABS (anti-blocking system) developed by blubrake. The company has made something of a name for itself by developing an ABS which, in addition to being integrated into the bike’s frame, is totally invisible. The German company Bulls is presenting four models that are equipped with the blubrake ABS. These bikes are on display for the duration of the fair at the blubrake stand and are available for test rides by members of the press and sector professionals.

The blubrake ABS, an innovative front-wheel blocking system for e-bikes that was developed by the company, is making its debut at Eurobike, which opened for business today in Friedrichshafen (Germany). Here the Milan-based company is organizing the world premiere of four Bulls bikes which come equipped with blubrake ABS, the technology that offers riders vast improvements in terms of safety.

The Italian company is also present at the fair with its own “test & try” stand, where visitors can discover and even try out its ABS. Thanks to technology that is compatible with every type of motor, battery, and brake currently on the market, the blubrake system can be completely integrated into the frame of an e-bike.

Eurobike 2019 - the first E-BIKE to come equipped with the innovative ABS (anti-blocking system) developed by blubrake is being presented
The first E-BIKE to come equipped with the innovative ABS (anti-blocking system) developed by blubrake is being presented at EuroBike 2019.

This applies to all models: mountain bikes, all-road, urban and trekking, as well as cargo bikes.

Eurobike, therefore, has a double message: you no longer have to deal with blocked wheels on your e-bike, and the ensuing risk of falling off, while at the same time you can control braking more effectively.

Novelties for 2020. Bulls models equipped with the ABS blubrake system

The German company Bulls has designed no fewer than four models that come equipped with the blubrake ABS, and they are intended for two groups of users. The first bike belongs to the “S-pedelec” category and is named the Adventure Evo AM TransAlp ABS. It was developed in order to provide a hybrid solution for riders who want to get about the city quickly while being able to ride on dirt roads at the weekend.

Seeing as this is the S-pedelec model in which cycling is assisted at a speed of up to 45 km/h, the e-bike is equipped with obligatory accessories such as front and backlights, a rearview mirror, and an acoustic warning system: given the speeds that the Adventure Evo AM TransAlp ABS can reach, the blubrake system against the blocking of the front wheel marks a major improvement in terms of the rider’s safety.

Last but not least, the Iconic Evo TR3 ABS, the Copperhead Evo AM 3 ABS, and the Aminga Eva TR3 ABS models are high-profile technological solutions and are ideal for long rides in the mountains.

blubrake has also received the prestigious 2019 Eurobike Award, in recognition of its products’ high level of technological innovation.

There are four Bulls models with blubrake ABS
There are four Bulls models with blubrake ABS, divided into two categories. The Iconic Evo TR3 ABS and the Adventure Evo AM TransAlp ABS, which are hybrid solutions for those who love off-road but also want to ride in town, followed by two further high-tech solutions: the Copperhead Evo AM 3 ABS and the Aminga Eva TR3 ABS with a double suspension e-Mtb ideal for long-distance mountain hikes.

About blubrake

blubrake is an innovative Italian company that has developed the state-of-the-art ABS for e-bikes. blubrake’s goal is to create an absolutely safe and enjoyable cycling experience thanks to an invisible ABS integrated into the bike’s frame which only intervenes when necessary.

The company is part of the e-Novia group and is the result of the experience and determination of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, product designers, and marketing and communications experts.

M. Özgür Nevres

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