Athletes can do many things to improve their health and performance, including staying hydrated, eating a diet, and exercising regularly. However, there are other ways an athlete can keep fit, and one of them is using the best CBD products available in the market. The CBD industry has products that have supplements that can help athletes.

It is worth mentioning that CBD does not make anyone high compared to its counterpart, THC. CBD’s primary use is for health benefits such as relieving pain and also providing relief from neurological disorders. Therefore, CBD is a preferred option for people who always engage in physical activities.

Athletes go through strenuous physical activity. In some cases, they get injured and are forced to be out of the games for some time. Such an athlete may need various forms of treatment, including CBD. However, how can CBD affect an athlete? Here are the pros and cons of athletes using CBD.

How can CBD affect an athlete? Photo by CBD Infos on Unsplash

Pros of an athlete using CBD

There are many advantages for athletes to use CBD because of the physical activities and the harm they usually suffer. Here are some of them.

Relieving pain

One of the most significant advantages for an athlete to use CBD is to relieve pain. Athletes put their bodies under a lot of physical strain, and in some cases, the strain can lead to injuries in various parts of the body. The pain and the stresses caused by physical activity can be helped by using cannabis products. The endocannabinoids system works together with the CBD product you have taken, and they help to relieve the pain.

Anti-inflammatory aid

Research has shown that CBD attaches to CB2 receptors in the previously mentioned endocannabinoid system that generally reduces inflammation in the human body. As such, athletes suffer from many physical injuries which are unnoticeable on the surface, but they have devastating effects in the inside. In such a situation, the CBD health properties can help an athlete face internal injuries pains without having to undergo much suffering.

CBD has two properties associated with it. It is a powerful neuroprotectant and an antioxidant. It helps with many diseases which have connections with oxidation. The main point is that people who participate in high sports suffer from body and head trauma. Many people involved in sports suffer from such injuries, and CBD therapy is one of the best remedies.

Cons of an athlete using CBD

While CBD has many health benefits, there are also many negative effects associated with the product, especially among athletes. Here are some of them.

Legal reasons

While an athlete might find a lot of help using CBD, one of the main reasons why most of them refrain from using the products is legal concerns. Recently, the world anti-doping agency removed CBD from the list if its banned substances but it does not apply to all sports. Sports such as NFL still recognize CBD as prohibited substances. Therefore, if a player were to test positive for any CBD product, the consequences would be dire.


Many athletes who use cannabis do it in secret. They cannot talk about their secret because not many people can understand. One of the biggest fears that they have is being labeled as a drug user.

It is worth noting that most people do not know the difference between CBD products and actual marijuana. As a result, most athletes refrain from using CBD despite its health benefits. It is also worth noting that CBD cannot get you high, and you cannot get addicted to the product.

Drug to drug interaction

According to Bao Le, the CEO of BAS Research, people who use CBD reported having problems metabolizing other drugs. CBD inhibits cytochrome P450 which affects how other drugs are metabolized in your body.


Another problem that athletes face if they want to consume CBD products is the fact that they cannot carry them across state lines. You have to consume CBD in the state where you bought it. It is worth noting that athletes travel a lot, and that is a problem because they cannot carry their CBD products wherever they go.

In conclusion

As an athlete, there are many health benefits of using CBD. There are also some drawbacks. The most important thing is to understand the laws in your state or country so that you can make an informed decision. All in all, the choice comes down to you; it is a personal choice.

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