Belt-drive bikes were usually popular among fitness enthusiasts for extensive exercise. Soon it became one of the popular bikes in the market for its efficiency. Many things are better than regular chain-drive bikes. But in overall calculation, are belt-drive bikes worth it? You need to know about this newly popular bike that is causing rage among bike lovers. That is what you are about to know in this article.

Are belt-drive bicycles worth it?

To define whether it is worth it or not, you have to rely on its advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are looking for an efficient bike that is clean and helps you to do leg exercise naturally, belt-drive bikes are more of a gift from heaven. Let’s discuss that further.

Belt-drive interal-geared multi-speed rear hub
Belt-drive internal-geared multi-speed rear hub. By AndrewDressel at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Advantages of belt-driven bicycles

There are plenty of advantages that you will get in a belt-drive bike. Surely it will enhance your overall bike riding experience.

They are cost-efficient

A belt lasts 10x more than a chain, which is cost-efficient for a bike. Also, it requires less maintenance cost for a belt. A belt can last more than 20000 miles without being torn apart or losing the quality at all. In the meantime, you have to change the chain 10 times and repair it several times because the chain gets loose over time.


You do not need grease to put on the belt anymore. Therefore it remains clean and provides a better grip without adding any lubricant. When I was riding a chain-drive bike, often my hands often got dirty. Also, I was afraid to wear long pants because of the grease. That nasty thing is too sticky that the washing machine can handle. On the other hand, you no longer have to worry about this hassle with the belt-drive bike.


Whether you are commuting around the city or for a long ride, you do not expect noise that comes from the chain. And the hub that is used in the chain drive also creates noise that sometimes is not bearable at all. But, you get silent drive experience in the belt-drive bike. And its internal gear hub never makes any noise.

Bet-driven bicycles can go faster

The belt remains tight for a long time. As a result, you can put more pressure on the paddle, which ends up running the bike faster than the chain. For this reason, most e-bikes are now available in belt-drive hubs. That immense pressure also helps you exercise daily.


If you are a regular bike rider, belt drive is not new to you. But, the classic chain drive bikes are much easier to control and ride. Here are some disadvantages of a belt-drive bike.

Requires more power

Compared to the regular chain-drive bike, you need to put more pressure on the paddle in a belt-drive bike. That may not be comfortable for you unless you get a belt-drive e-bike. Without the assistance of electric motors, it is hard to ride these bikes for a long time. You will feel the pain in your muscles after a long ride.

Not repairable

The belt is not joined part by part as a chain. Therefore, it is not repairable at all. Once your belt gets any damage, you have to change it with a new one. However, a belt is durable and lasts longer than a chain. But, you have to go to a particular mechanic to do the job. And there are only a few experts available for belt-drive bikes. The same thing goes for the internal hub, which is not a convenient choice for easy to use.

Gear Shifting Problem

The belt remains a snug fit to the gear, which does not allow sliding to change the gear. So, there is no side flexibility in the belt as you get in a chain. Therefore shifting gears is not easy and effective as a chain.

Even the gear system does not work as well as the chain drive. That is why most belt-drive bikes are available in a single gear. Even if you get a different speed gearing system that does not match with the chain, you can get a maximum of 8 gears on a belt-drive bike, whereas you can get up to 22 gears on a chain-drive bike.

So, what is the convenient option for you? Are belt-drive bikes worth it? It depends on your preference. If you ride the bike for a long time, a chain is the most convenient option for you. But if cost efficiency and less maintenance are the priority for you, belt-drive bikes are worth it.

Should you get a belt-drive e-bike or chain drive?

The main obstacle in a belt-drive bike is it requires more power. Therefore riding it without external power is challenging. You will get tired after a few kilometers of riding. But, that is not the case for an e-bike. You will get help from the motor that helps to ride you smoothly on the city road.

Also, you can take it for a long ride and even for off-road biking. And now, there are plenty of belt-drive e-bikes available in the market that offer superior quality with a superb user experience. The belt requires less maintenance and lasts for a long time. Therefore you do not have to worry about causing any problems during your long ride.


That was all that you needed to know about the belt-drive bike. So, are belt-drive bikes worth it? Indeed it is a worthy option when you are about to ride it with some electric assistance. It will be a great choice for a commuter bike. But, you need a chain-drive bike for a more comfortable ride.

Yet, belt-drive bikes are cost-efficient and run smoothly without making any noise at all. Except for that gear shifting problem, you will find it worthy of your money for specific situations. However, I’d recommend a chain-drive bike for professional use and long rides. Still, there are no professional-level belt-drive bikes available in the market. And for a road bike, I prefer a chain over the belt.

Bernita Fregoso

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