You may use your electric bicycle strictly for business, for pleasure, or a mixture of both. Regardless of the primary activity, at times most riders have the need to carry additional items with them. Cycling bags are a convenient method of adding useful cargo space to your electric bikes and in a variety of sizes and functions.

MAGiCYCLE has a variety of options available when it comes to bike bags for maximizing your cargo-carrying ability and taking advantage of its 350-pound payload capacity. Every MAGiCYCLE ebike is equipped with an extra-sturdy rear rack, and you may also want to add a front rack, especially if you occupy the rear rack with a bag.

There are numerous reasons you might want to expand the load-carrying capacity of your electric mountain bikes. These range from camping to commuting, and everything between…perhaps a quick trip to the post office or grocery store. The bottom line is that for every rider, there will be times when you need extra storage on your bike, and now is the time to get prepared.

Types of Cycling Bags

There is no shortage of variety when you start shopping for a bike bag. Almost certainly, every rider can find a bike bag that meets his or her requirements. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Phone bags

Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE phone bag
Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE top-tube bag

Probably the smallest bike bag you will encounter is a phone bag. These are small and lightweight, and very handy for protecting your mobile phone while riding. Most phone bags are also just large enough to carry a few other small items, such as keys, wallets, or pocket knives.

The phone bag provided as a gift by MAGiCYCLE to all customers gives excellent protection, while still allowing you to activate the phone’s touch screen and view messages, etc. It is not necessary to remove the phone from the bag when you need to access the screen display.

Seat Bag

This is another “small bag” option. It’s great for riders who need very little cargo space. It’s also excellent for allowing riders just a little convenient extra space for things like bike tools, repair kits, chain locks, etc. As the name implies, seat bags are attached right under the seat. They are very rarely “in the way” of anything the rider needs while he is on or off the bike, so a seat bag can easily be a “permanent” item on your bike.

Handlebar Bag

The very convenient handlebar bag is a third “small bag” option that works well for some riders. Although definitely in the “small bag” category, it is usually larger than a seat bag and is more convenient to access while riding. Also, it is very easy to access while stopped but not dismounting the bike. Of course, the bag is mounted on the handlebar. This means ensuring that it does not interfere with any other items located on the handlebar, such as brake levers or the LCD display.

Rack Bag

Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE rack bag
Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE rack bag

The rack bag, also known as a rack “trunk” is typically larger than any of the bags discussed above. You can think of it as a medium-sized bag, and it provides more cargo space than a seat bag or handlebar bag. As the name indicates, this bag is designed for mounting on a bike rack. Most often it is seen on the rear rack, but it can also be mounted on a front rack…or both!

Rack bags are available in a variety of sizes, with a capacity ranging from about 8 to 14 liters. That’s big enough to carry a jacket or other clothing articles, or a water bottle and ice pack, or your bike tools and your lunch. It may also have one or more exterior pockets for carrying a few more small items.

Many rack bags have customizable interior sections, allowing you to arrange dividers to make the space fit your needs. Some of these bags are very nearly waterproof, while others are only water resistant, so read the product description carefully. For greater versatility, look for a rack bag that is equipped with shoulder straps. This feature allows you to remove the bag from your bike and easily carry it as a shoulder bag. That’s not only convenient, but it is also a good security measure.

Frame Bag

Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE frame bag
Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE frame bag

Frame bags can be of similar size to rack bags, but they have an entirely different configuration. Often triangular in shape, frame bags are designed to attach to the tubes of your bike frame, typically at least the top tube and down tube. These bags, too, can be very convenient, as they are reachable without dismounting the bike.

Because there are so many variations in bike frames, take time to measure the triangle of your bike frame carefully. Then look for a frame bag that will fit your bike’s dimensions.

Casual riders and even some commuters might be happy with a frame bag with 1 to 4 liters of storage space. If you feel you may need more space, look for a frame bag that provides 5 to 10 liters of storage.

Pannier Bag

Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE pannier bag
Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE pannier bag

If you have more serious cargo needs, then consider a pannier bag. Pannier is a French term referring to baskets, and a good pannier bag can give as much or more storage space as a bike basket. You can think of a pannier bag as a trunk bag with “side bags” or saddlebags.

In addition to the storage space of a trunk bag, a pannier bag also has another storage space that hangs down toward the ground on both sides of the bike. Another style of pannier has only hanging bags, without trunk space. The panniers that include a trunk have a unique advantage. The hanging side bags are often concealed in pockets on both sides of the trunk, so riders have the option of storing gear in only the trunk, only in the saddlebags, or using the trunk and saddlebags at the same time.

When more space is needed, simply unzip the side pockets and fold down the side bags. The two side bags can easily hold twice as much gear as the trunk. Like other bags, panniers can be found in a tremendous variety of sizes, from about 15 liters to 40 liters. Groceries, clothing, camping gear, tools…you name it! You can find a pannier sized to carry multiple items. Consider getting one that is a bit larger than what you “think” you might need.

Battery Bag

Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE battery bag
Cycling bags for e-bikes: MAGICYCLE battery bag

This is a specialized type of frame bag, designed for carrying an e-bike battery. If you want to carry a spare battery for doubling the range of your rides, you may want to consider a battery bag. As with frame bags, take careful measurements to be certain the bag fits both your bike and your battery!

Ride Safely

If needed, an e-bike rider can almost literally cover the bike with bags from front to rear, gaining a huge amount of cargo capacity. Take your time and consider your potential bag needs carefully. Then be very prudent and never load your e-bike beyond its rated payload capacity. Always take precautions to secure your bags to your bike carefully-don’t risk losing a bag or causing an accident!

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