Whether you are one of Magicycle owners or just ebike lovers, you must be looking for the latest ebikes for sale that meets all of your requirements. Well, you’ve come to the right place because the brand new electric bike – Magicycle Ocelot Pro will cover all your needs.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro and Cruiser, what has changed?

Many of you, especially the new Magicycle owner may wonder what the differences are between these two models. I will let you know all of them exactly, just stick with us.

1. Frame Size

The frame and size could be the most obvious difference between Ocelot Pro and Cruiser. The frame size of the Cruiser is 26 inches, larger than that of the Ocelot Pro, which is 20. Moreover, Ocelot Pro got a step-thru frame design, making it easy for riders to get on and off by crossing their legs. One thing to know is that the step-thru design of the Ocelot Pro is not totally the same as that of Cruiser because the latter one is mid-step-thru.

2. Battery Placement

Unlike the Cruiser, the battery of the Ocelot Pro is integrated into the frame. And both batteries are different in capacity and look. Some Magicycle owners may be wondering if the battery on Ocelot Pro is compatible with Cruiser, the answer is no. They are two different ones but don’t worry about that, there will be a larger battery for Cruiser very soon.

Long Range Fat Tire Step Thru Ebike: Magicycle Ocelot Pro
The battery of Magicycle Ocelot Pro is integrated into the frame.

3. The Upgrade of Brakes

Besides the look of the Ocelot Pro, the largest difference should be the brakes. Magicycle has prepared a pair of hydraulic disc brakes for every Ocelot Pro, which is great for the overall performance of the bike.

The Outstanding Parts of Magicycle Ocelot Pro

As one of the most high-tech and perfectly designed ebikes from Magicycle, the Ocelot Pro has got a lot of excellent features that can satisfy every customer. Here I am going to list all the outstanding parts of it.

1. Powerful Motor

The Ocelot Pro has a torque of 96Nm, larger than that of the Magicycle Cruiser and equal to the torque of an 800cc fuel motorcycle, which means greater power for climbing hills and slopes. It can just go up to a speed of 25km/h. By the way, the 4-inch puncture-resistant Kenda fat tires can help you avoid flat tires while riding them on those uneven and rugged terrains.

Long Range Fat Tire Step Thru Ebike: Magicycle Ocelot Pro
The Ocelot Pro has a torque of 96Nm, larger than that of the Magicycle Cruiser and equal to the torque of an 800cc fuel motorcycle, which means greater power for climbing hills and slopes.

2. Larger Battery

As I’ve mentioned above, the battery of the Ocelot Pro is integrated into the frame, but not only that, the battery capacity also becomes larger, which is 52V and 20Ah. It provides a range between 60-80 miles, which is longer than those of other brands. And you don’t need to worry that it will take quite a long time to charge a battery of such a large capacity, because there is a fast smart charger that will come with any Magicycle bike. It can provide a charging time of 4-7 hours, which is 30% higher than that of the same kind. The built-in fan and active cooling system make sure the charger will be protected from overheating.

3. The Ergonomics Design of the Frame

The Ocelot Pro’s frame is designed based on the CFS, which is the comfort frame system created by Maicycle. The thickness of the downtube is 4.5mm, while most other ebike brand is only 3mm, and the double-layered cavity of the downtube provides better frame rigidity, which enables you a stable and safe riding experience when you are braking suddenly or going downhill.

The riding triangle design can make your riding comfortable all the way no matter how long it is. Moreover, as compared to straight handlebars, its butterfly handlebar is much more friendly to your back. That is because with the butterfly handlebar, you don’t have to bend over to grip it, but you can sit up straight, which is a more healthy and comfortable riding position.

4. Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Hydraulic Forks

Like I said before, the Ocelot Pro has a pair of hydraulic disc brakes, which perform much better and are more efficient than mechanical ones. They eliminate the friction while braking and provide a strong and responsive braking force. When you are riding downhill and at a high speed, you can just use merely one or two fingers to brake immediately, which is reliable.

Moreover, Magicycle has also upgraded the front fork to hydraulic ones. They will give you a much more comfortable ride when you are riding on uneven and rugged terrains. You won’t even feel those bumps on the road with the help of them. With the combination of both hydraulic brakes and a hydraulic front fork, you will get the best riding experience on every kind of terrain.

Great Features Left

As I give a clear explanation, there are still some features of Cruiser that are left for Ocelot Pro, which I think you should know. The first one is that the Ocelot Pro is equipped with a colored LCD, which is the same as that of the Cruiser in terms of everything like the system and all the functions, so there is no need for Magicycle Cruiser’s owners to worry if they can get the same display for the Ocelot Pro.

Also, you don’t need to pay extra money for both rear and front fenders and the rear rack. They all come with the ebike itself. Moreover, the rear rack has been upgraded as well. There are more gaps on the rear rack which can help riders hook their cargos or goods firmly.

Last Words

Magicycle has been making unprecedented progress since its foundation. It aims to provide the best high-quality electric bikes and 24-hour service, making sure it can handle every issue from customers as soon as possible. In the near future, Magicycle will be launching more brand-new products that lead you to a new world of adventures and a green lifestyle.

Robert Farnum

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