Composer and sound designer Johnny Random transformed his bicycle into a musical instrument: created without the additional use of synthesizers, samplers, or drum machines, Bespoken by Johnny Random was inspired by childhood memories of riding bicycles and placing cards between the spokes to hear them in the wind. But it is much more sophisticated than that: Johnny Random utilized a violin bow and other music accessories to achieve some of the unique sounds produced.

Bicycle as a musical instrument (JohnnyRandom - Bespoken)
JohnnyRandom-bespoken, a beautiful musical piece created using a bicycle.

The video titled “Bespoken” below is just a teaser, but you can download the full piece from iTunes.

“Bespoken” by Johnny Random

Bespoken by Johnny Random

Some reviews on ITunes:

“As a lifelong cyclist and music fan, combining two of my favorite things into a single composition was pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. Through the wonders of digital alchemy, Johnnyrandom has taken the ordinary sounds of a bicycle and made them extraordinary. Who knew that there was an orchestra hidden there? I’ve listened and re-listened to the track, taking pleasure in guessing which sounds were sourced from what part of the bike. A very cool idea that became a fine piece of music in its own right. Bravo!” –funksean

I would never have expected such a great piece of music to come out of bicycle sounds. This song takes found sound composition to a whole new level; never have every day sounds been so musical and beautiful. Its full of textures, harmony, melody and a wicked-cool beat! I find myself listening to it over and over. –bueno_sf

This is absolutely incredible.. This just makes my day, I love mountain biking and these sounds all remind me of good times. I can’t believe how good it sounds. –Dmay14


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