A tricycle is a vehicle made up of three wheels. One wheel in the front and the other two at the back of the cycle. Tricycles are perfect for all types of people like elders, kids, youngsters, and autistic people who are disabled to ride bicycles.

Tricycles come with wide seats and they are very low to the ground. So, there are fewer chances to fall off the cycle while cycling.

Since tricycles are made of three wheels, it’s also easy for kids to keep balance and sit comfortably. Tricycling is also good for seniors’ health as most seniors can not exercise regularly. The lower part of our body like the hips, thighs, and back gets healthy and low fat by tricycling.

In this article, we will discuss 8 things to know about riding a tricycle and it will make you more confident about tricycling.

1. Differences Between A Tricycle And A Bicycle

Though tricycles and bicycles sound the same, there are lots of differences between them. One major difference is the tricycle is made of three wheels and the bicycle comes with two wheels.

Tricycles are mostly used among kids and disabled people because the seats of tricycles are wide. So, anyone can sit comfortably and ride them confidently without having the fear of falling off and getting injured. But bicycles are not that much comfortable for kids and autistic people. They are most common in teenagers.

Tricycles are perfect for all types of people like elders, kids, youngsters, and autistic people who are disabled to ride bicycles.

2. Different Types Of Tricycles

There are different types of tricycles available in the cycle store. Electric tricycles, kids tricycles, recumbent tricycles, mountain tricycles, and so on.

Electric tricycles have battery-powered pedaling. So, you don’t have to give much effort for going far. With recumbent tricycles, you can lie on your back and pedal with your legs.
Mountain tricycles are designed for tough road cycling. They are more sturdy and stable to cope with the mountains.

Also, there are small sizes of tricycles available in the market for short people.

3. Tricycles Are Great For Both Youngers And Elders

Most younger and older people fear losing balance while cycling and getting injured. But as tricycles are low to the ground and they have three wheels, it’s easy to maintain balance for younger and older people.

4. Perfect Ride For Disabled People

For people who are disabled to ride bicycles or any ride, tricycles are the best choice for them. They can use tricycles as wheelchairs. In fact, tricycles are better than traditional wheelchairs as they are lighter and easy to carry from one place to another.

5. Increases Confidence Level

For kids and seniors who have low confidence levels and low physical strength, tricycle bikes are a perfect choice for them. They can cycle confidently as tricycles are well balanced to ride.

Some seniors or older people have low physical strength. They can ride electric bicycles that are battery-powered. But you need to charge the batteries before you go cycling.

6. Safe On The Road

Tricycles are more stable and balanced on the road than bicycles. Tricycles have two wheels at the rear and one in the front. So, when you go for a ride on a tricycle, you don’t have the fear of falling and being imbalanced.

Tricycles do not need to be controlled like bicycles. Because of their stability, they are safer on the road and you have less risk of getting injured as tricycle seats are very low to the landscape.

7. Environment Friendly

Tricycles are the safest vehicle for the environment in the world. Every year gas vehicles release tons of carbon dioxide and pollute the environment.

Electric tricycles are battery Powered vehicles. So, they do not burn fuel that delivers fatigue gas to the environment as other gas transports do. Battery and motor-based vehicles are the only solution to reduce pollution from the environment.

8. Helps To Be Healthy And Fit

If you want to live healthy and fit, you have to be active physically and mentally. Tricycling is one of the best exercises that help to keep your body fit and healthy. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that strengthens your body muscles and reduces many health problems.

From teenagers to seniors, people of all ages enjoy tricycling as an exercise. It reduces fat from the thigh, hip, abdomen, and back. Tricycling also helps to keep your heart healthy. So, tricycling is the easiest and most enjoyable way of exercise to keep your body fit and active.


Tricycles are very easy to ride and you have fewer chances to fall from them as it is larger than traditional bicycles.

Some tricycles have big baskets to carry goods and groceries. You can go shopping with your tricycle and store goods in the basket.

It is also more affordable than other transportations. But the price of tricycles depends on their style, sizes, and brands.

So, in this article, we discussed 8 things to know about riding a tricycle. Hope you get more knowledge about tricycles from this article.

Happy cycling.

Bernita Fregoso

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