Many cyclists, especially commuters will love this: Efneo Gearbox is a front gearing system that has one cog and three internal switches. Inspired by internally geared rear hubs, it replaces a bike’s front derailleur, probably the most disliked part of bicycles.

Switching the chain between the chainrings in the crankset is a arduous process, and there’s always some risk to drop the chain, especially if the drivetrain is not in perfect condition. Efneo gearbox aims to make things more effortless, quicker and smooth while switching the front gear.

The 1st gear is at the same speed with the crank (equivalent of the inner ring on a three-cog cranks). The 2nd gear is 43% quicker (the middle cog), while the third-and the fastest gear is 79% quicker than the crank (outer ring).

It also looks clean, simple and classy. The gearbox can be installed at any type of bicycle frame designed for a tapered square axle bottom bracket, and it also transforms a single-gear bike into a three-speed bike, without looking multi-geared.

The advantages of the gearbox:

  • Easy to start from the first gear – with efneo you can reduce to the first gear in a standstill – like in a car – and start easily in 1st gear.
  • Immediate gear change – much quicker and easier than with a front derailleur.
  • Reduced maintenance – no need for tiresome, tricky adjustments.
  • No chain-skewing and chain-dropping when paired with a rear derailleur.
  • 170 mm and 175 mm crank length options.

Gearbox adds very little extra weight to your bicycle (the producer-Efneo says it adds around 200 grams to the weight of your bike if you remove a three-chainring aluminum crankset).

They will be using a one-cable paddle shifter, (On the video you can see a grip-shifter, but this will be changed).

Efneo is a family company, a father and three sons: the family lives in Poland and has multiple patents on the technology.

Update March 17, 2015

The company have launched their Indiegogo campaign for the Efneo Gearbox.

Read more about Efneo gearbox on their web site.

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