“The Obree Way” is a book written by Graeme Obree aka “The Flying Scotsman”, who broke the world hour record twice, in July 1993 and April 1994, and was the individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1995. It explains Graeme Obree’s radical insights into technique, training, psychology and diet, and the logic behind them.

After I got the book, the first thing I noticed was the comment on the back cover, from Sir Chris Hoy[1], saying:

“Graeme is a genius in the true sense of the word. His uncanny ability to tackle problems from an angle that no-one else could have thought of, makes him a one-off. An original. He sees the world in a different way to us mere mortals and comes up with ideas and solutions which make you laugh, shake your head and say ‘why didn’t I think of that?!'”

“…to us mere mortals”? Sir Chris Hoy saying that? Imagine how a big legend is Graeme Obree.

Anyway, I read the book and in the overall I really liked it.

“With a bike, a turbo trainer and the right advice, you can beat anyone.”

The Obree Way
The Obree Way, by Graeme Obree “The Flying Scotsman”

The first thing about the book, it’s not a training program. If you’re looking a book contains training programs, for example “Monday 2 hours easy, Tuesday one hour intervals etc…”, look elsewhere.

But other than that, the book covers almost everything about cycling: training, diet, aerodynamics, frame materials and equipments, psychology, even how to be selected to a team. It is really written in Obree way, it’s a training book which starting the words “Training is bad for you!”.

As an engineer, I really liked Obree’s engineer-like approaching to the problems. For example, he looks for answer to that: “how can I really measure my improvement?” And amazingly, he founds a simple and effective answer, and you don’t even need to buy a power meter!

In general, he never says “go and buy this or that commercial product” in the book. He always tries to solve problems with minimal, but effective solutions, as Sir Chris Hoy described.

Overall, “The Obree Way” is clearly written, commercially independent and full of insight from a professional that knows his stuff.

You can buy it on Amazon.com


[1] Sir Christopher Andrew “Chris” Hoy (born 23 March 1976) is a British former track cyclist who represented Great Britain at the Olympics and World Championships and Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

Hoy is an eleven-time world champion and six-time Olympic champion. With a total of seven Olympic medals, six gold and one silver, Hoy is the most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time.

With his three gold medals in 2008 Summer Olympics, Hoy became Scotland’s most successful Olympian, the first British athlete to win three gold medals in a single Olympic Games since Henry Taylor in 1908, and the most successful Olympic cyclist of all time. After winning a further two gold medals (in the keirin and team sprint) at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Hoy has won more Olympic gold medals (six), and total medals (seven, tied with fellow cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins) than any other British athlete.

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