In September 2013, UCI Road World Championships have been held in Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy. Chesini wanted to celebrate this event with a limited bike series: Chesini Florentia MMXIII (MMXIII equals 2013 in Roman numerals). The artisanship of Chesini and the creativity of SAK_ART DESIGN, a known brand in industrial and lifestyle design, have come together and with a common passion created these unique bicycles. You can read the whole story in the article titled Sak_art design.

About two years ago, I’ve posted an article about Chesini bikes and the beautiful city of Verona, titled “Verona and Chesini“. In that article, I wrote about how I paid an accidental visit to the Chesini shop at Ponte Navi, Verona.

Chesini was founded in 1925 in Verona by Gelmino Chesini, who had been a bicycle mechanic before he began building bicycles. Until the end of the era of steel tubes and lugs, Chesini was a famous bike company. Even some world championships were won with Chesini frames.

When I visited their shop in 2009, it seems they were out of the road bike building business, they were selling another brand of road bikes, but the only Chesini labeled bikes were cheap city bikes. Until then, it seems they’re back into the business.

Chesini Florentia MMXIII and Chesini GP (Gran Premio)

Chesini Florentia MMXIII, designed by Sak_art
Chesini Florentia MMXIII

Now they produced a few new road racing bike models. Their flagship is the steel “Chesini GP” (Gran Premio). The bike pictured below is equipped with Campagnolo’s newest Super Record groupset, Chesini GP is a really beautiful road bike.

Chesini bikes: Chesini GP
Chesini GP (Gran Premio). The new Columbus Spirit HSS tubes (high-speed steel) tripled external butted – 1″ 1/8 1″ 1/2 headtube – Chris King Inset/tapered headset – Fel Columbus carbon fork – Compact custom geometry for excellent reactivity. The price for the complete bike from €2.900 to €5.600, depending on the components/group which is of your choice. Here the bike equipped with Campagnolo Super Record 2015 groupset and Campagnolo Bora One wheels.
Chesini GP, from the front
Chesini GP, from the front. Worldwide famous “Arena di Verona” (Arena of Verona), the ancient amphitheater built by the Romans. is on the Chesini Logo.
Chesini GP made by Columbus tubes
Chesini GP made by the new Columbus Spirit HSS tubes and using Campagnolo’s new Super Record groupset.
Chesini GP with Campagnolo Super Record
Equipped with Campagnolo Super Record 2015 groupset, Chesini GP is a really beautiful road racing bike.

You can see all the bicycle models on the Chesini website.

M. Özgür Nevres

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