Here is the list of the boutique bicycle manufacturers, ordered by their name (starting with C). If you want to find a unique bike that fits your personality, review this list.

The list is probably not complete, so if you want to contribute, please leave a comment below.

Other boutique bicycle manufacturers: A | B | C | D | E-F | G-H | I-J-K | L | M | N-O-P-Q | R | S | T | V-W | Y-Z

Caletti Cycles

The company is located in Santa Cruz, California, United States. It is founded by John Caletti in 2004. They build many types of bicycles (road, mountain, cyclo-x, touring, etc).

“I take building bikes seriously, and I take the way I run my business and the impact it has on the environment seriously as well. Part of that is building a bike you will love and want to keep, and part of that is making it durable by using top-quality materials and careful workmanship. Both my chosen frame materials (titanium and steel) are recyclable if needed.” –John Caletti

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers C - Caletti Road Race Special
 Caletti Road Race Special: True Temper OX Platinum lightweight head tube, True Temper S3 teardrop top tube and 38mm bi-oval down tube, Columbus Life triple-butted oversize seat tube, Columbus Life high volume short taper chainstays, True Temper smaller diameter tapered seat stays, with our own custom S bend, Paragon Machine Works threaded BB and compact dropouts with replaceable hanger, Stainless steel bottle bosses and cable stops, Enve 2.0 fork painted to match (straight steerer) (upgrade to lighter 1.0 for $90), Chris King headset. “A brave new world of steel. High strength, heat-treated, alloyed, butted and shaped tubing expertly crafted for speed.”


Calfee Design

The company is located in La Selva Beach, Santa Cruz County, California, United States. Calfee Design is founded in 1987 by Craig Calfee, and their bikes were used at the Tour de France in 1991, by the legendary American cyclist Greg LeMond, triple Tour de France winner, and his team Z-Tomasso. It was the first all-carbon fiber frameset to be raced in the Tour de France.

“In 1991, Greg LeMond was searching for a bike fast enough to keep him at the very pinnacle of professional bike racing. Craig Calfee was busy forging a quiet revolution in carbon construction. Together, they changed the face of cycling.”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers C - Calfee Design Manta Pro
Calfee Design Manta is available in Pro (road), Adventure (endurance/gravel), and Cyclocross(CX) geometry. It is also available with 12mm rear suspension (coil spring, 4 stiffness options) or a fixed/rigid rear wishbone.

Specifications of the bicycle above:

  • Suspended Manta will no longer require struts under the BB
  • Rim or dual disc brake (mechanical or hydraulic)
  • Compatible with mechanical and/or electronic drivetrains, compatible with internal battery and wiring systems
  • Multiple bb sizes available including the 65mm shell for the Look Zed2 crankset
  • Pro tire clearance; 25c mounted on a wide road rim
  • Adventure and CX tire clearance; 650b x 42mm and 700c x 35mm tire
  • Internal rear brake cable routing
  • 44mm head tube allows use of a tapered or straight steerer
  • Available with eyelets to support frame/fork mounted racks, fenders, etc.
  • 56cm Manta frame w/suspension weighs 2.75 pounds (1.25 kg)
  • 25 year warranty
  • Crash protection; the registered owner is protected by a $350 carbon repair credit for a term of 5 years

“Experience, opportunity, innovation, and technology collided to catalyze our new frame model, the Manta. Five years in the making, the Manta is a “race platform” that leverages a patented, active suspension system at the rear wheel to enhance traction, power transmission, and comfort to increase rider performance.”

“Coupling manufacturing processes and technology we own with innovations by external business partners, the Manta is an extremely flexible module. Like all Calfee frames and components, the Manta is hand-crafted and painted in our workshop in Santa Cruz County.”



Casati is an Italian brand, founded by Pietro Casati, around 1925. You can read more about the brand by seeing another post titled “Casati Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Limited Edition“. They build road bikes under three categories: “historic steel” (steel bikes with a classic look), “minimalistic steel” (steel bikes with a modern look), and “best-fit carbon”.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers C - Casati Laser
Casati Laser: it’s a model under the brand’s “minimalistic steel” category. “Minimalism is a fusion of simplicity and grace. Nothing left to drop. Adding one more thing would destroy the elegance. A fillet brazed steel frame is like the philosophy of minimalism for cyclists. Decorated with some lovely details. There is no need for weird tube shapes and colors. True elegance never fades.”


C.B.T. Italia

C.B.T. Italia (Construction Bicycles Tardivo) was founded in the mid-1950s by Giovanni Tardivo, a regional wholesaler and distributor for bicycle and motorcycle parts.

Towards the beginning of the 1970s, Giovanni’s first son, Guido, joined C.B.T. Italia and expanded the company’s marketplace to include the production of road/racing bicycles and frames.

By the beginning of the 1980s, Giovanni’s second son, Bruno, joined the company. By this time, C.B.T. Italia had shifted the core of its business primarily on the production and distribution of road bicycle frames.

During those years steel was the only material used for bicycle frames, but C.B.T. Italia was already able to distinguish its products by introducing black chrome fork ends and crushed seat tubes to obtain a shorter chainstay.

At the end of the Eighties, with the passing of founder Giovanni Tardivo, the company’s core business shifted once again from bicycle production to industrial manufacturing. Investments in innovative machinery allowed C.B.T. Italia to specialize in processing stainless steel and aluminum. The company applied this new technology, originally developed for the aerospace industry, to road/racing bicycles.

The result was nothing short of a success.

Aluminum slowly began to replace steel in the production and manufacturing of bicycles. Frames now had the ability to be lighter and customized to the client’s specifications.

In the wake of a new millennium, C.B.T. Italia remains committed to the continuing evolution of bicycle frame production.

With the introduction of carbon fibers, the company now has the ability to manufacture frames that combine the lightness of aluminum with style and comfort unlike any other.

In 2002, C.B.T. Italia tested its carbon prototype frame, with the woman’s Tour de France: the final result was the Maillot Jaune. The frame was the Karbon Fiber, the ancestor of the actual monocoque carbon frames, constructed entirely at the facility in Cuneo, Italy.

Today, the company remains dedicated to the production of road bicycles and frames, incorporating welding steel, aluminum, and titanium. All the products are constructed and assembled entirely in Cuneo, Italy. Their frames are built entirely from carbon fiber 3K, VHM, or HM.

C.B.T. Italia Necer Plus Force AXS 12V Disc 2020
C.B.T. Italia Necer Plus Force AXS 12V Disc 2020



Cherubim is based in Japan. The company is founded in 1965, a year after the Olympic Games in Tokyo. They build steel road bikes (concept, modern and classic), track bikes, and keirin bikes.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers C - Cherubim New Horizons
Cherubim New Horizons – “airline road concept”. An interesting road bike. An aero geometry previously used in concept bikes such as Chris Boardman’s hour-record-breaker “Lotus”. Cherubim brought this concept into the road bike world.



The brand is founded by Gelmino Chesini in 1925 and is located in Verona, Italy.

“Our real and unique intent is to build special race bikes, perfect for racers and amateurs. Today every CHESINI bike is special because unique, handbuilt one by one with dedication, skill, attention to details, and unchanged passion.”

In 2009, I paid a visit to their shop in Verona, you can read the story in the post titled “Verona and Chesini”.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers C - Chesini Prima Gold Leaf
 Chesini Prima Gold Leaf: Sloping geometry. Columbus Spirit Oversize tubes, tig welding (filet brazed optional). Asymmetric chain-stay, elliptical diameters of the seat-stays, an ovalized section of the seat tube at the bottom bracket, head tube 1”1/8-1”1/2, bottom bracket BSA, Columbus FEL carbon fork. Custom size and colors. Frame with very limited lateral flexion while maintaining the ride comfort at the highest level, without equal in the long distances or on roads with a rough or bumpy road surface.


Chumba USA

Previously known as Majaco Bicycles, Chumba USA is located in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to provide you with the highest quality user experience beginning with precision made in USA fabrication and materials, through friendly planning of your dream bike, to turning over the pedals for years to come. All of the company’s bikes are made in the USA.

Chumba Terlingua
The Terlingua is a high-performance gravel bike, capable of traversing long distances on a wide range of surfaces. Its geometry is also at home sprinting out of corners at your local cyclocross race. The Terlingua represents the best in modern steel bike design. With a low frame weight & a team-tested tubeset selected for stiffness from the chain-stays through the downtube, the Terlingua is focused on performance. We chose tubing for comfort from the seat-stay through the top tube junction creating a bike that accelerates fast, but can also track through rough terrain. Features like stainless steel sliding Paragon Machine Works dropouts w/ replaceable inserts, industry-leading compatibility for tire clearance, chainring size, and drivetrain styles mean the Terlingua will find a home in your bike stable for years of service. The Terlingua steel comes in a full range of sizes from 50-60cm and fits true to size.



The company is located in Turin (Torino), Italy. They are inspired by the history of bicycles and their strong link with the city.

Ciclitorino has a wide developed range, from elegant urban bikes to high-end road bikes, all handmade.

The basic concept was to create steel bikes, a material in which they strongly believe due to its unique qualities, realized by the customer’s wills, and in a bunch of years, they created a whole range of bikes.

“What we have always wanted has been to craft our bikes in a traditional artisan way, and this is the reason why we design, craft, and assemble our frames entirely here in Turin.”

Boutique bicycle manufacturers: a Ciclitorino road bike
Boutique bicycle manufacturers: a Ciclitorino road bike



Cinelli is a small high-end bicycle and components factory founded by Cino Cinelli, a former pro rider between the Thirties and Forties, winner of three Giro d’Italia stages (1938, 1939), a Giro di Lombardia (1939) a Milano-Sanremo (1943), and many other races.

In 1948 Cino decides to retire from pro cycling to found his own factory that will become a benchmark in the bicycle world. Some may remember him as a rider, many others remember him as the father of the first aluminum handlebars, the first seat with a plastic core, the first pedal straps, the first quick-release pedals, etc.

Now the company is owned by Antonio Colombo, the son of A.L. Colombo, who was involved in producing steel tubes (the famous Columbus tubes) for bicycles, cars (like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, etc.), motorbikes (Moto Guzzi, etc.), airplanes (like Caproni, the very first plane to fly over the Atlantic Ocean).

The company is based in Caleppio di Settala, Milan, Italy.

Cinelli Laser Mia
Cinelli Laser Mia -a Cinelli icon: completely “made in Italy” through a sophisticated wrapping technique of the carbon elements that are further processed, allowing us to create a custom frame weighing only 890g. All the iconic elements identifying the Laser are maintained: the fin under the bottom bracket, the fittings of the joints, and the passage of the rear wheel housed in the seat tube.



The company is located in Bergamo, Italy.

Ciöcc Blade ACR
Ciöcc Blade ACR


Circa Cycles

The company is founded by Rich Fox, who is also the head designer and is based in Portland, Oregon, United States. They build road and city bikes.

Circa Gray-Red Road Bike
This Circa road bike in space gray with red accents was created for the North American Hand-Built Bike Show in Sacramento. It features custom wheels with red Chris King hubs and an Ultegra group. The full build weighs around 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg).
“CIRCA’s proprietary manufacturing process lets us build head-turning road, city and town bikes with amazing attention to detail and laser-etched graphic storytelling. Our patent-pending bonded-lug design allows us to quickly deliver bikes that are tailored to a cyclist’s riding style, body type, and personality in a way that no other manufacturer can.
We take our inspiration from a wide range of influences. Think the obsessive detail of Apple meets the expressive versatility of Swatch, all hyper-localized to Portland’s manufacturing ecosystem.”

CIRCA Cycles was founded in 2013 by ex-Nike innovation director and ZIBA design strategist Rich Fox.


Clockwork Bikes

The company is founded by Joel Greenblatt and is located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, United States. They build many types of bicycles – including road, track, MTB, Fat bikes, Cyclo-x, etc.

Clockwork Road Bike
A Clockwork Bikes road bike.


Co-Motion Cycles

The company is located in Orlando, United States and it was founded in 1988. They build many types of bicycles, including road, touring, city, cyclo-x, and tandem.

“Co-Motion Cycles started simply: We built a few bikes for ourselves and our friends, and discovered that we were able to rise to the occasion when challenged by new ideas or problems. Not once have we stopped questioning the way things have always been done. While finding better ways to make our bicycles stand apart, we’ve learned more than we ever imagined, from designing new bicycle tubing to the intricacies of our own CNC machining and maintaining an amazing, talented workforce.”

Co-Motion Nor'Wester
Co-Motion Nor’Wester: 700c wheels with room for 28mm tires + fenders, exclusive Reynolds air-hardening 853 steel, long-reach caliper brakes for larger tires + fenders, specially-designed Co-Motion carbon fork for LR calipers, InterChange Dropouts, converts from vertical to horizontal for single-speed or fixed gears, Rear rack mounts.



The company is located in Islington, London, United Kingdom. They build handmade steel frames. Every ColourBolt build is made-to-order, starting with a custom bike fit session from Velorution’s expert, Roger Graver.

ColourBolt Maximum Black
ColourBolt Maximum Black. Built around the large section, shaped tubing – a combination of Columbus Max and Life tube sets – the frame delivers brilliant stiffness between the head tube, BB, and rear dropouts. The slender, lightweight seat stays and a tapered top tube boosts the overall comfort of the ride. To keep the weight down, they used TIG welding on the majority of the joins, with a tiny fillet braze between the seat stays for extra strength.


Condor Cycles

Condor Cycles was started in 1948 by Monty Young, providing bespoke bicycles which have been ridden by riders such as Tom Simpson and Bradley Wiggins. Condor bicycles have been ridden to World Championship gold medals and ridden in the Tour de France.

“At the heart of a bicycle is the frame. It is the soul of the machine. It is one of the most expensive parts and the part that will give your ride its character, its feel, and its purpose.”

At Condor the frameset is extremely important to us; it has and always will be. That is why after sixty-five years we still make all our frames by hand to our specifications in our production facility. If we go back to when Condor started we used the most famous tubeset in the world; Reynolds 531.”

“In 1948 the majority of race bikes were bespoke but in today’s marketplace, a bespoke bicycle is a rarity. At Condor, it is what we have done every day for sixty years.”

Condor Acciaio Stainless
 Stainless steel as a raw material is notoriously difficult to work with, complicating and extending manufacturing times, but the end result is a stunning ride that melds top-tier performance with the ability to be ridden all day, into one, single, purebred bicycle. Each Acciaio Stainless is built upon the request of the customers and is available with Super Acciaio, Acciaio, or custom geometry. Each bicycle is offered with a full fit and is available in up to 50 colors. Built with Columbus XCr: unlike other stainless steel tubesets, Columbus uses seamless stainless steel, which enables the tube walls to be drawn extremely thin at just 0.4mm. This keeps the weight low whilst having a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio than Titanium. It is corrosion-resistant, too.


Connor Wood Bicycles

Founded in 2012 by Chris Connor, the company is located in Denver, Colorado, United States and as its name suggests, produces wood-frame bicycles. The available types of bicycles are a cruiser, touring, MTB and cyclo-x.

The bikes are race-tested: Connor frames have survived the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, the second oldest of the growing number of 100-mile (160 km) marathon mountain bike races held in the United States (the first being the Wilderness 101 in Central PA).

The Leadville Trail 100 MTB was first held in 1994 and has become one of the best marketed, attended and known marathon events in mountain bike racing.

Connor Cyclocross and Gravel Wood Bike
Ashwood frame (Walnut frame is available for an additional $350), 11 speed SRAM XO drivetrain, Spot Carbon CX Fork, Rolf-Prima alloy wheels, massive tire clearance for 42mm + tires, TRP hybrid hydraulic disc brakes, Easton alloy cockpit with Salsa Cowbell bars.


CRISP Titanium

CRISP Titanium is founded by Darren Crisp in January 2004. It is located in Castiglion Fiorentino (a small, walled city in eastern Tuscany), Italy. Darren Crisp builds handmade and highly customized titanium bicycles (road and MTB).

“Throughout my career I have been committed to the rigorous development of conceptual ideas through their evolution to a well-executed final product, relying on my experience as an architect and designer, and my hands-on approach to fabrication. Building bicycles is a natural undertaking for me. Having raced competitively in the United States and Italy, my skills building racing bicycles for road and off-road use are informed by my own experiences as well as the constant feedback from fellow cyclists.” –Darren Crisp

CRISP Türkü. All CRISP road framesets are designed to include custom geometry, front fork, Chris King headset, and seatpost clamp.


Crumpton Cycles

Located in Austin, Colorado, United States, the brand was founded in 2004. They build custom carbon fiber frames. The founder, Nick Crumpton still personally designs, builds, and finishes each frame in his Austin studio.

“Crumpton Cycles fit philosophies and ride characteristics are based in combining performance and comfort for its riders. We design our frames based on rider contact points that in the end, result in superior ride quality with well-rounded attributes for all types of road riding. This is key to the overall performance of our bicycles.”

Crumpton T5 Superlight
Crumpton T5 Superlight, Di2 drivetrain, Enve wheels, Enve cockpit.
“T5 Superlight is the first model built using our new Type 5 platform. Type 5 is the latest iteration of the Crumpton road frame. It is a platform based on our own proprietary, multi-shaped carbon tubing. The tubing is designed and manufactured in-house to our exacting standards. Crumpton controls the process from start to finish. We have been able to reduce frame weight and maintain the ride quality and durability that is the Crumpton Cycles reputation. The unidirectional tubing also sets it apart from our other carbon frames.”


Cryptic Cycles

The company is located in Mission Viejo, California, United States. It is an award-winning company: with their road-bike model CC I, they won the North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2016 “the best new builder” award.

“We design and create unique frames with an unlimited amount of customization. Every aspect of our frames can be controlled to provide each rider with something to fit their needs. Classic craftsmanship and hand-built meet cutting-edge technology and the best materials that money can buy. We have a zero-compromise attitude and believe we offer one of the finest custom carbon bicycles available today.”

Cryptic CC I
Cryptic CC I: the winner of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2016 “the best new builder” award.
“The award-winning Cryptic CC1 is our premier road frame. This is the same model that took home the best new builder award at the 2016 NAHBS show. It features a tube set made in-house, a full carbon drop-out system, and custom geometry. Every step is taken to tailor the frame to the rider. Building the tubing in-house allows us to tweak the type of material used, tubing wall thickness, fiber orientation, and diameters to offer the perfect match for the rider.”



Founded in 1975, the company is located in Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy.

“Since 1975, we create high-end bicycles handmade, personalized in every detail to ensure high performances. The experience acquired by Gian Paolo in his long career as a professional cyclist and over 35 years of experience are our strengths. If every one of us is different and unique, why settle for having an industrialized bike? Test a new experience of cycling in an old-fashioned way! You can create your own bike choosing each component, frame materials, and more.”

Cucchietti Kyra
Cucchietti Kyra


Curt Goodrich Bicycles

Curt Goodrich is building bikes since 1995. The brand is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. They build handmade steel bicycles – road bikes, sportif all-rounders, long-distance randonneuse with custom carriers and constructeur-style design and specialty bikes for cyclocross, track and single speed, and city porteurs. In short, you’ll find the full range of what is possible in custom-lugged and filet-brazed bicycles.

Curt Goodrich Gulf Racing Sax Max
Curt Goodrich Gulf Racing Sax Max. “A great road bike is for all seasons but really shows its stuff when the going gets fast. Whether accelerating, descending, holding a line, or carving a turn, the bike is balanced and responsive, poised and predictable. I’ll design your bike to suit your preferred style and to meet the road head-on, whether you like to race, take long solo spins, riding weekends with friends, or train with the club. I prefer level top tube designs or nominal slope for fit with smart, straightforward choices to enhance the bike’s purpose, like maximum clearances for tires using short-reach brakes or braze-on for a pump or chain-hanger. I’ll choose the lightest tubes appropriate for your size and weight so that the sum of the design is greater than the parts. Options are kept to a minimum because a great road bike is all business and the fun of riding speaks for itself.”


Curtis Bikes

The company is founded in 1972 and is located in the Jarmany Hill, Somerset, United Kingdom. All Curtis frames are made by Gary Woodhouse and Brian Curtis. Their bikes are handmade in England – the only thing not done in-house is the powder-coating. They hold no stock of frames at all, every frame is handmade for the customer.

Curtis AM9
The Curtis AM9 is a 29er all-mountain hardtail frame for 29″ wheels. The AM9 is designed for a 140 fork and comes with a 66° head tube angle. Seat tube size is 30.9 and comes with external or Stealth Dropper post routing. This frame is also available as an AM9 explorer which comes with Pannier rack mounts.



The French company was founded in 1982 by Francis Quillon. Ever since, they’ve been building frames for Olympic medalists, Tour de France contenders, World Champions, and passionate riders across the world. Cyfac started as a simple workshop atelier building framesets for the greatest French stars of the 1980s.

Laurent Fignon, Thierry Marie, Thierry Clavreyolat, Charly Mottet, Marc Madiot, Richard Virenque, and nearly every French pro from the 1980s to 2000s raced on a Cyfac painted in their team’s livery. Through the decades they also built for more of the sport’s legendary greats, including Claudio Chiapucci, Marco Pantani, Frank Vandenbroucke, Robert Millar, and more.

Cyfac was the first builder to TIG-weld aluminum frames, making the lightweight aluminum frames for Claudio Chiapucci, Marco Pantani, and others.

As the first European titanium builder, Cyfac offered a growing list of options, including the world’s only full-custom aluminum superbike design (since outlawed by the UCI). Cyfac’s avant-garde efforts culminated in the first full-custom, full-carbon lug-less frameset, the Tigre. The revolutionary Cyfac carbon-stratification process brought old-world hand-craftsmanship together with 21st-century technologies.

Cyfac Absolu V2
Absolu V2 is the flagship of Cyfac cycles. Frame: T800H IM Carbon with Kevlar. Variable-shaped tube sections with the option for custom carbon lay-up.
Fork: Carbon, tapered 1 1/2″ x 1 1/8″
Rear: Carbon DoubleStay2
Headset: 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
Bottom Bracket: BSC or BB30
Front Derailleur: clamp 34.9 mm collar included.
Sizes: XS (50cm), S (52cm), M (54cm), L (56cm), XL (58cm) and Full Custom.
Options: Mechanical or electronic (Di2 or EPS) integration.


Other boutique bicycle manufacturers: A | B | C | D | E-F | G-H | I-J-K | L | M | N-O-P-Q | R | S | T | V-W | Y-Z

* According to Wikipedia, “boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation.”. (Boutique manufacturing on Wikipedia)

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