Here is the list of the boutique bicycle manufacturers, ordered by their name (starting with D). If you want to find a unique bike that fits your personality, review this list.

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Daltex Custom Bicycles

The company is located in Dallas, Texas, United States.

“Nothing is more important to the performance and enjoyment of a quality bicycle that fits. Much like a custom made suit, Daltex bicycle frames are designed and built around your unique body proportions. The materials, tubing diameters, tubing wall thickness, and frame geometry are ‘reverse engineered’ around you and your riding style. This produces a unique bicycle that puts you in the most powerful and comfortable position possible.”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Daltex Road Bike
Daltex Road Bike – “The frame and fork are designed and manufactured together to achieve the desired result. It is simply a bad idea to put an off-the-shelf fork on a custom-designed bicycle that it was not designed for. If you absolutely must have a carbon fork on your Daltex, let us know early on in the design process. We can integrate your carbon fork’s unique specs into the bicycle design. As you might have guessed, We’d much prefer to design and build the fork along with the frameset.”

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Dean Bikes

Dean Bikes is located in Boulder, Colorado, United States. The award-winning company was founded in 1990. They build handmade titanium and steel bikes of many types (road, MTB, cyclo-x, touring, city).

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Dean El Diente Super Lite
Dean El Diente Super Lite: the lightest bike manufactured by Dean Bikes. Being only 2.5 lbs (1.3 kg), the frame is one of the lightest titanium frames on the market. Each Super Lite frame is crafted from seamless CNC machined butted 3/2.5vr titanium which is cold worked and stress relieved for extra stiffness and durability. Lots of extra features come stock like your choice of tapered 44m oversized headtube – custom-blended rider-specific tubing – PF30, BB30, or Std. 68 English bottom bracket options – Custom hand-brushed finishes – and each frame is handcrafted in Dean Bikes’ own factory in Boulder, Colorado.

Web Site:


Located in Pergine Valsugana, a comune in Trentino, Italy, DeAnima is founded by Gianni Pegoretti, the brother of the legendary framebuilder Dario Pegoretti, Antonio Attanasio and Matt Cazzaniga. Gianni and Dario worked together for nine years, but they parted ways in 2005 and the pair aren’t talking to this day, according to Cyclist magazine.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: DeAnima Unblended
This is our second frame in carbon. The first was a prototype, not sold to the market and served as to test bed to arrive at the Unblended. The whole frame is made in Italy, from the original designs for the molds to produce the tubes, to the actual assembly work. We have our own particular stratification of the carbon fiber layers to produce the tubes, we use a sandwich of Toray T800 3k plain e T800 UD. The joint wrapping required experimentation and tests to arrive at the design we use now. The carbon we use for the wrapping is Toray T700 HM 3K prepreg. To make an Unblended frame the production starts with the tubes being formed in the molds and being cured. Once the order arrives we start cutting and mitering the tubes to the required size, these are placed into a jig and glued, and then wrapped with carbon fiber. This way of building allows us to personalize the geometry based on the client. The frame takes about 2 days to make from start to finish and requires multiple visits to the oven for curing and at various stages. Once the frame is ready for painting it is sanded by hand to remove the surface gloss.100% hand-painted finish using custom stencils and hand sprayed using aerograph. Oven and air-cured paints. Each frame takes up to 2 days to paint.

“Our motivation is the same as it was at San Patrignano and with my brother Dario: to preserve the old Italian methods of working – the Italian geometry. The cycling business has changed and in Italy, we have lost this method. We have only three or four little artisan builders like this now. But the historic brands – Pinarello, De Rosa, partly Colnago – have lost the personal method and embraced the new philosophy of mass production, and for us this is not the soul of framebuilding.”

“Probably our idea is a harder way of doing things, but if I design a bike and then I go to the bank and they give me the money for my business and I put Pegoretti stickers on Chinese frames… this is too simple, and this is not my way of thinking. We will grow and make a small brand with our own idea.” -Gianni Pegoretti

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Dekerf Cycle Innovations

Dekerf Cycle Innovations was incorporated in 1991 by Chris DeKerf, the principal framebuilder, and designer whose frames bear his name. The company is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

“We make each Dekerf frame here in our Vancouver factory. Right from cutting the tubes, to applying the paint, and putting them in a shipping box, we take the kind of pride and care that cannot be achieved in a mass-produced frame.”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Dekerf Prodigy
Dekerf Prodigy – available in both Ti and 853 Steel; bestowed with: lightweight; aerodynamic tubing; responsive handling; and aggressive geometry, these frames are ideally suited for road, time – trial, or triathlon duties. Reynolds 853 Tubing and Chainstays – this seamless, air-hardened, heat-treated tubeset is among the most advanced material available for building bicycle frames. This allows us to create steel frames that are long-lived, lightweight, and lively.

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Demon Frameworks

The company was founded in 2009. All types of bikes are made in the Demon workshop.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Demon Frameworks Road Bike
“The frames made by Demon are a unique blend of tradition, artistic vision and modern technology. Each is lovingly made to measure, one at a time. Because each frame takes an average 150 hours to create, only a handful are made each year. Demon’s approach to making frames is complex and very involved, there are no short cuts. The results are strikingly beautiful bikes that ride as good as they look. “

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De Rosa

De Rosa is the family brand of Ugo De Rosa. De Rosa’s company became renowned during the late 1960s and 70s for manufacturing road racing bicycles.

Company founder Ugo De Rosa was born on January 27, 1934, in Milan, Italy. Before becoming a noted bicycle frame builder, he was also an amateur racer.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: De Rosa Nuovo Classico
De Rosa Nuovo Classico – Ugo Blue. A steel beauty.
“The change is immediate. The intake of breath and the word ‘steel’, offered with reverence and in hushed tones; that is what happens when a cycling aficionado sees the Nuovo Classico. Strength, determination, and tradition are the words that describe the Nuovo Classico steel frame, a made to measure for cyclists of discerning taste who appreciate classic styling and exclusivity. Those who appreciate steel frames move their hand gently over the micro-fuse welded joints and the hand finishes and shudder, simultaneously joyful and incredulous at having found a work of art on two wheels. Nuovo Classicos offered in three distinct colors including the unmistakable Ugo Blue.”

Web Site:

DeSalvo Cycles

The company is located in Ashland, Oregon, United States.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: De Salvo Steel Road Bike
De Salvo Steel Road Bike: Columbus tubes, TIG welded, available in 9 sizes , traditional or sloping geometry, stainless steel dropouts, Enve road fork painted to match and Chris King headset.

Web Site:

Dimond Bikes

The company was founded by TJ Tollakson. He is still the CEO of the company. They claim that they build “the fastest triathlon bike in the world”.

“Through it all, we have maintained our made in the USA philosophy. Every frame is proudly manufactured in-house. Yes, this takes time, money and patience, but the result is revolutionary products that are produced as a result of brilliant minds and passionate people working together every day.”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Diamond Marquise Premium
Diamond Marquise Premium . The Marquise offers three storage options for all your race day needs making this bike just as fast on race day as it is in the wind tunnel. Premium build configuration – Frame: Marquise, Fork: Dimond Superfork, Aerobar: 3T Aduro, Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace DI2, Crankset: Rotor 3D24, Chainrings: Rotor Non-Q Aero, Brake Calipers: TriRig Omega X, Bottom Bracket: Praxxis Ceramic Conversion, Wheelset: Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clinchers, Tires: Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 25mm, Saddle: Selle Italia Iron Flow

Web Site:

DiNucci Cycles

The brand is founded by Mark DiNucci, who started as one of the earliest US framebuilders in the 1970’s. He specialized in handmade frames for road and track and continued that work through the mid 80’s when he turned to designing production bikes for some of the biggest brands in cycling.

“After 25 years of engineering bicycles for other brands I have returned to what I love most, taking the time to design and build frames that reflect my own standards in craftsmanship & performance.”

“Whenever possible, I design every element of your frame, from fit and geometry to tubes, lugs, dropouts, and fork crowns. I run a small, one-man shop where every lug is shaped, brazed, and filed by me. What I do takes time and only a limited number of DiNucci frames will be made each year. I strive to deliver a frame that is as perfectly crafted as possible and I think the end product is worth the wait.” –Mark DiNucci

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: DiNucci Bike
A DiNucci Bike

Web Site:

DirtySixer Bikes

DirtySixer is an American brand. They build custom 32er and 36er MTBs for tall riders specifically designed, engineered and hand fabricated in California. DirtySixer is the only bicycle endorsed by the NBRPA (National Basketball Retired Player Association).

“If you’re taller than 6’6” (198 cm), there’s a good chance you’ve never had a bicycle your size. We get that, and we build custom and small production handmade bikes at your size, whether you’re Michael Jordan’s size or Yao Ming’s.”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: DirtySixer 36er MTB
DirtySixer 36er MTB

Web Site:

Don Walker Cycles

Founded by Don Walker, the one-man shop is located in Buckner, Kentucky, United States.

“My design experience comes from 10 years as a competitive cyclist with an emphasis on track racing. Riders who trust Don Walker Cycles to give them the ultimate in cycling performance have won numerous District, State, National and International competitions, including the Olympics and Union Cycliste Internationale Track World Championships.”

“My manufacturing experience starts with me being an aircraft mechanic my entire adult life. I have worked on some of the most advanced technological aircraft in the world including the United States Air Force’s B1-b, B-2, and even Navy P3 aircraft. My resume also includes the Learjet model 45 and Challenger 300 series, the most technologically advanced corporate business jets. In addition to my aircraft experience, I became a certified welder in 1992. And have also mastered the art of fillet brazing, a technique that makes the tubes look seamlessly connected.” –Don Walker

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Don Walker Sabre
Don Walker Sabre road bike: 56 cm frame. Fillet brazed of Reynolds 853 throughout with the exception of the 725 chainstays. Paragon 44 mm headtube with internal headseat. Hooded dropouts are standard on this model. Di2 optional.

Web Site:

Other boutique bicycle manufacturers: A | B | C | D | E-F | G-H | I-J-K | L | M | N-O-P-Q | R | S | T | V-W | Y-Z

* According to Wikipedia, “boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation.”. (Boutique manufacturing on Wikipedia)

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