Here is the list of the boutique bicycle manufacturers (G-H), ordered by their name. If you want to find a unique bike that fits your personality, please review this list.

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Gallus Cycles

The brand was founded by Jeremy Shlachter in 2009. It is currently located in Denver, Colorado, United States.

“While costing more than some foreign assembled frames, we believe the quality, fit and one-of-a-kind nature of our frames more than offset any added expense. Every effort is made to source materials domestically, thereby minimizing environmental impact and promoting U.S. products, in contrast to foreign frames and bicycles transported from half a world away.” –Jeremy Shlachter

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Gallus track bike
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Gallus track bike. All frames are custom, so every detail can be tailored to your needs. To make the choice easier, track frames are usually built around a traditional geometry or as an urban fixed gear. Both frame styles have a high bottom bracket for pedaling through corners. Traditional track frames tend to have a steeper head tube and seat tube angles, short chainstays, and fork length. This creates a stiff speed machine, perfect for the track or those double express cross-town deliveries. The urban fixed gear has a slightly slacker head tube, longer stays, and fork. It’s still plenty fast but would ride more like a road bike than a track frame. That said, the very nature of being a custom frame builder, enables us to apply the simple elegance of a track/fixed/single speed to the geometry that suits you, your style, and desired comfort.


Gaulzetti Cicli

The company is located in Nahant, Massachusetts, United States. They build aluminum road and cyclo-x bikes.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Gaulzetti road bike
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Gaulzetti road bike. “The design elements of each Gaulzetti are based upon traditional Italian racing geometry with regard to fit and function, but updated for the rigors of modern racing conditions as well as for the ergonomic demands of contemporary components. Gaulzetti Cicli produces a nimble, fast, and balanced bicycle. The frames are designed to excel under all potential race conditions, especially technical courses where constant hard cornering and rapid changes in tempo are encountered. Years of experience on the Belgian Kermesse circuit and a history of training and racing on the poor roads of northern Europe and New England influence each detail. The Gaulzetti Cicli geometry may not be ideal for every cyclist, but an athlete seeking a pure race bike need look no further for the ideal bicycle. Sizes highlighted in bold script offer a lower and longer geometric option for clients requiring additional reach or drop.”



GIOS is a legendary Italian brand, founded by Alfredo GIOS in 1972. One of the best cycling teams of the 1970s, Brooklyn was the first big team using Gios bikes. The star of the team, Roger De Vlaeminck (born 24 August 1947) was described by another Belgian legend Rik Van Looy as “The most talented and the only real classics rider of his generation”.

Nicknamed “The Gypsy” because he was born into a family of traveling clothiers, he is known for exploits in the cobbled classic Paris–Roubaix race, but his performances in other “Monument” races gave him a record that few can match. His record in Paris–Roubaix earned him another nickname, “Monsieur Paris–Roubaix” (English: “Mr. Paris–Roubaix”).

In the 1990s, another big team Kelme used Gios bikes.

In 1991, Stephen Roche chose GIOS bikes for his victories of that season.

Lots of victories won under one single color, the “GIOS blue”. Alfredo GIOS looked for a special color that fitted perfectly with the “stars & stripes”, the design of the Brooklyn team jersey. After some tests, he chose the blue, because of its brilliant, electric, eye-catching, and surrealist tone. Its originality spread quickly in the cycling context, becoming a milestone in the history of professional cycling. Even today, after many years, the distinctive “GIOS blue”color continues to be the main sign of the brand’s visual identity.

Nowadays, the GIOS company takes part in every international bike show and its worldwide sales team and customer service are today managed by two branches: GIOS ASIA/PACIFIC based in Hong Kong and GIOS EUROAMERICA with offices in Alicante (Spain), headed by Luca Tolmino GIOS, Alfredo’s son.

In 2016, GIOS has become the official technical supplier of the Colombian team “Manzana Postobon”.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - GIOS Vintage Veloce 2017
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – GIOS Vintage Veloce 2017. 4130 Cr-Mo Special Tubing For GIOS, GIOS Original Cr-Mo Fork 1” JIS, Campagnolo Veloce groupset, Alex R-380 32H rims with Novatec hubs, GIOS Selle Italia SL saddle, Pacera 700×25C tires.



The brand is created by Silvino Grandis in 1965 (Silvino built his first bicycle in 1930). His sons Mario and Ezio continued their father’s work.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Grandis Blackbird
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Grandis Blackbird. Frame: full carbon ultrahigh modulus customized in our Verona laboratory. Unidirectional external lamination, aero profile rear stays. Step wires: internal frame. Bottom Bracket: PF30. Fork: full carbon aero. Headset: tapered 1″ x 1/2 – 1″ x 1/8. Groupset: Dura-Ace Di2 11 speed. Wheelset: Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon.


Groovy Cycleworks

The brand is located in Wooster, Ohio, United States. They offer designs for the road, mountain, or playing together on a tandem, all frames are available in Steel, Titanium, or Aluminum.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Groovy Cycleworks Candy Road Bike
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Groovy Cycleworks Candy Road Bike


Grupetto Italia

Based in Piedmont, Italy’s cycling heartland, Grupetto Italia produces in limited numbers, unique bikes for individuals.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Grupetto CS Maggiore
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – CS Maggiore has evolved from the iconic Artisan workshops from Italian cycling’s golden era. It is instantly recognizable as a true classic and available with your own custom paint and chrome finishing options.



Guerciotti is a historical company in the cycling business. It was founded in 1964 by Italo and Paolo Guergiotti brothers in Milan. Now Guerciotti is a very known brand all over the world.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Guerciotti Eureka SHM50 CCC Polsat Edition
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) -Guerciotti Eureka SHM50 CCC Polsat Edition. Frame: Eureka SHM50 990 grams. Group: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. Fork: Monocoque. BB Shell: Pressfit. Pedals: Look Keo Blade 2 Cr. Saddle: Selle Italia Flite. Seatpost: Dedaelementi Superzero. Stem: Dedaelementi 35. Handlebar: Dedaelementi 35 Alloy. Wheels: Ursus T47 Team. Tires: Tubolari Vittoria Evo cx. Bottle cage: Elite. Brakes: Tektro. “The model Eureka SHM50 has realized with a composition of carbon material composed of 75% 30tons High Modulus IMS60 carbon pre-peg + 20% 46tons Ultra High Modulus HS40 Carbon Pre-Peg+ 5% 60Tons Super High Modulus XN-60 Carbon Pre-Peg. The material system applied includes high-performance composite materials technology and special graphite fiber and epoxy resin. The same system is commonly used in aeronautics, aerospace, and the automobile industry. Eureka SHM50 is realized with an innovative process Advanced VaBm+EPU who ensures a kind of high-level molding process, thanks to a unique technology that ensures essential features like lightweight and extremely high values of STW (Stiffness To Weight). The system Advanced VaBm (bladder molding process under vacuum control) is a process where the air inside the carbon layers will be pumped out during the molding process. The stiffness and strength of the carbon frame with VaBm increase by around 3% compared with the regular bladder molding without vacuum control. Appling the system EPU (Expanded PU Shell) inside the lugs such as the bottom bracket, a headset tube, seat lug, will increase the strength of the carbon frame by around 3-5%. The result of these working systems brings to a superior impact absorption of the frame for comfort riding, keeping at the same time a very good response and acceleration from the bike. This is the frame used by Team CCC Sprandi in the most important RCS races in 2015: Giro d’Italia, Milano Sanremo, Il Lombardia, and the Dubai Tour.”


Hallett Handbuilt Cycles

The company is located in Wales and was founded by Richard Hallett, who build bicycles and framesets for anything from laden touring and audax-style riding to competitive cycling, in steel, using the traditional techniques of brazing, fillet brazing, and silver soldering.

While researching material for his book, The Bike Deconstructed, Hallett began building bike frames in order to put into practice some of the ideas and experience gained over more than two decades spent testing bikes and writing about cycling technology for the UK’s leading cycling magazines.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - A Hallett road bike
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – A Hallett road bike


Hampsten Cycles

Hampsten Cycles, LLC, founded in 1999 by Andy and Steve Hampsten, and building all frames in-house in Seattle, WA. They offer a unique line of custom road frames and whole bikes.

Andrew (Andy) Hampsten (born April 7, 1962, in Columbus, Ohio) is an American former professional road bicycle racer who won the 1988 Giro d’Italia and the Alpe d’Huez stage of the 1992 Tour de France. Especially, his Passo di Gavia ride at the 1988 Giro d’Italia was sensational. He remains the only American winner of the Giro d’Italia.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - Hampsten Maglia Rosa Il Carbonario
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Hampsten Maglia Rosa Il Carbonario. The bike is named after Andy Hampsten’s 1988 Giro d’Italia victory. It is made from Columbus Tubi’s Genius carbon. “From Columbus Tubi and ADK Technolgy comes the Columbus Genius carbon frame which we sprinkle with magic Maglia ROSA dust, add an Enve 1.0 tapered fork, sexy-up with our own paint and decals and, voila! – Il Carbonario. No, we didn’t make it ourselves and yes, it comes from a country where one might have noodles-not-pasta for lunch but we’re impressed with the quality of the frames we’ve seen from ADK and the fit, design, and geometry of this frame is right on the money – thanks, Columbus! If you’re looking for a light/strong/comfortable carbon race bike that won’t break the bank but will provide a good alternative to all the GianTrekalized bikes out there we think you should be on this.”


Heroïn Bikes

Heroïn Bikes builds 100% custom carbon frames. All Heroin frames are designed in France and handmade in Italy.

From their website:

“The Heroïn bike fuses know-how and technical expertise in a one-of-a-kind product. It is hand-crafted in Italy by experienced technicians with backgrounds in aeronautics and motorsports (Formula 1, MotoGP, WRC, drones, etc.). Each frame component is made separately, molded from high modulus carbon fiber, a very high-grade fiber used in the aerospace industry.”

According to the producer, “Heroïn explored a new frontier in aerodynamics. It took nearly three years of development, testing, and 3D printing, plus dozens of tooling innovations, to successfully complete this project and produce a unique texture.”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - A Heroïn road bike
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – A Heroïn road bike. The aerodynamic honeycomb texture has a Cx gain of nearly 10% past 20 km/h (according to producer).


Hilite Bikes

The company is located in Basel, Switzerland. It is a full custom workshop designing a broad range of bike frames (race, commuting, touring, tandem, and MTB) made of titanium. They are also highly specialized in bikes with Pinion, Rohloff, and the Gates belt drive. But, derailleur shifted bikes are also their daily business.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) - A Hilite titanium road bike
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – A Hilite titanium road bike (claimed weight: 7 kg)


Holland Cycles

Based in San Diego, California, United States, Holland cycles was founded in 1986 by Bill Holland.

“Bill and his staff, who share over one hundred years of experience between them, build titanium, carbon, and ExoGrid® (combinations of the two materials) frames of the highest quality and most distinctive forms. Holland’s ExoGrid® design is a combination of US-milled aerospace grade titanium, laser-cut into a lattice and reinforced with a tube of custom-laid high-modulus carbon.”

Holland Signature
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Holland Signature HC Bicycle. Only 42 items will be built since Bill Holland is commemorating his 42nd anniversary in the bicycle business with his first Limited Edition SIGNATURE frame release. Each frame will receive special graphic treatments, signatures of each artisan and truly represent the history and the uniqueness of its builder.


Hunter Cycles

Based in Davenport, California, United States, Hunter Cycles was founded by Rick Hunter in 1993. They offer TIG-welded and fillet brazed steel frames for everything from racing to hauling cargo, in addition to handmade forks and stems. They also offer complete bikes and wheel builds.

Hunter Cycles 650b All Rounder
Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers (G-H) – Hunter Cycles 650b All-Rounder


Other boutique bicycle manufacturers: A | B | C | D | E-F | G-H | I-J-K | L | M | N-O-P-Q | R | S | T | V-W | Y-Z

* According to Wikipedia, “boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation.”. (Boutique manufacturing on Wikipedia)

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