Here is the list of the boutique bicycle manufacturers, ordered by their name (starting with SA-SC). If you want to find a unique bike that fits your personality, review this list.

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Sage Titanium

Sage Titanium was founded by David Rosen in 2012. The company is located in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. All the titanium bikes are 100% designed, cut, welded, and finished in the United States. They build Cyclo-x, gravel, and road bikes.

“Titanium, for me, always represented the future. Steel has been around for decades, while aluminum just never inspired me. Carbon seems very impersonal. It can be molded any way you want, but it does not have a life of its own. Titanium has a life to it. It changes the characteristics of the ride for the rider. There is a beautiful appearance and feel to titanium that distinguishes it from other frame materials. At the same time, it looks tough and elegant. It is hard to break, yet it can easily be repaired. It inspired me to further explore my love of the bicycle because of what it could do and what it could be.” -David Rosen

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Sage-Skyline
Sage’s award-winning road machine, the Skyline, has been hailed as ROAD Magazine’s All-Around Bike of the Year, and the testers at Road Bike Action have bestowed the frame with their Editor’s Choice distinction. “Precise,” “agile,” “terrific craftsmanship” and “titanium rocket” are the phrases of choice from professional testers. But this isn’t just a bike for the cycling media. It’s a sleek and sexy titanium spaceship built to inspire the masses. With a design that blends refined simplicity and outright performance, the Skyline occupies an enviable niche in the cycling world. It climbs mountains as confidently as it rips sinuous descents, and it launches snappy attacks without compromising comfort on all-day adventures. It’s a looker in the showroom that shines even brighter out on the road. Named after the serpentine Skyline Boulevard that winds along the spine of the West Hills in Portland, Oregon, the bike is built for speed and stability, whether railing through corners or sprinting out of the saddle. It reimagines traditional construction with touches of refinement, blending the class of the past with the performance of the future. The thin-profile tubes nod to the traditional race bike, yet the frame incorporates high-tech touches like a bi-ovalized down tube, 3/2.5 titanium alloy, compact frame design, and an oversized head tube-combining throwback elegance and top-end performance. The finer details, like Breezer dropouts, are deliberate selections based on a blend of strength and stability. Sage Titanium’s patented Cable Clip System (US Patent No. 9,545,975) is the pinnacle of this attention to detail. It strives for elegance in the otherwise utilitarian pursuit of drivetrain routing. Use the clip for external mechanical cable routing, or remove it for streamlined internal shifting without extraneous clutter. The lusty shimmer of raw titanium finishes off Skyline’s show-stopping look.


Sampson Sports

Located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States, Sampson Sports was founded in 1988. Right after, the company produced the pedals used by the USA Cycling Team at the Seoul Olympics. They still build bicycle components and complete bicycles.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Samson Sports Exalt SL
The new Exalt is around 14 pounds (6.35 kg) with pedals, cages and all the stuff most bike companies leave off when weighing the bike! But, more importantly, the Exalt is very, very fast. From the advanced tube-to-tube style of production on the frame to the blended Dura-Ace and Sampson components, the Exalt provides you with blazing speed, but also all the little details that make it easy to love as a daily rider. The tube-to-tube style of production is used by a handful of elite craftsmen, such as Alchemy, Crumpton, and Parlee to note a few. Tube to tube requires precision mitering of the tubes, and then they are bonded and wrapped at the joints for a super-strong, yet super-light structure.

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Santana Cycles

Santana Cycles was founded in 1976 by tandem enthusiasts. The company is located in La Verne, California, United States. They build a comprehensive range of tandems from superior alloys of steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon. If your needs are specific, custom sizing, finish, or componentry is available.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Santana Evolve tandem bike
Santana also builds performance (sports) tandem bicycles. The new Evolve, for example, is the world’s first production monocoque carbon tandem frame. As opposed to the tube and lug construction previously used, a molded carbon frame provides infinite opportunities for optimizing stiffness and weight. That’s why it’s the preferred method for top-of-the-line single road bikes but no bike company had committed to the engineering and tooling necessary for a monocoque tandem due to the smaller volume in what they consider a niche. Now in partnership with Criterion Composites Santana has engineered and produced a state-of-the-art molded tandem frame right here in California! Besides offering stunning looks and incredibly lightweight this engineering project has resulted in the most comfortable tandem yet with the available viscoelastic layer in the layup.


Sarto Antonio Cycles

Located in Venice, Italy, Sarto Antonio, also known as simply Sarto, is an Italian custom bicycle frame manufacturer. The company was founded by Antonio Sarto in 1950. Since then, they’re producing handmade custom bicycle frames. Sarto produces more than 2500 frames and creates new models each year. The company has been working with carbon for more than 17 years. Starting from 2002, the company began producing laminated frames, a process that originated from the need to “customize” and make every piece unique.

The company is equipped with 4 kilns, 1 cleanroom (a temperature-controlled aseptic area used for laminating), 2 pressurized cabins for filing and painting processes, and a massive dust extraction system, all designed to ensure the safety and health of the specialized staff.

Sarto Antonio produces more than 2500 frames each year. They see the customization as their strength, which allows them to satisfy the customer’s every need: the choice of materials, the shape of the tubes, made-to-measure geometries, graphics, and reinforcements in Kevlar or titanium/carbon. Every feature of a Sarto frame can be changed and selected by the customer.

They design and create new models each year, which are presented at important trade fairs before making their way around the world.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Sarto Lampo Plus 2019
Sarto Lampo Plus 2019. Each and every tube profile has been specially conceived and designed to be aerodynamic. A new system of completely built-in cabling, meaning all cables are inside the handlebar/stem/frame system. The fundamental components of this design is the new handlebar stem, entirely in carbon, specifically designed and optimized to route the handlebar cables directly into the frame, and the new steering tube designed to guarantee top driving quality and perfect integration of all internal cables.


Savvy Cycles

Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, United States, Savvy Cycles was founded by Mike Mahone. They build wood bicycles. Mahone has extensive experience in woodworking and 3D laminating from ten years of longboard skateboard manufacturing, seven years teaching woodworking, and thirteen years of furniture and cabinet making. Hickory and ash are used as the primary woods in the bike frame for their strength, durability, and ability to be steam bent, to ensure strength, durability, and smooth ride. Other woods such as sapele and died hard maple are used for accents.

“We strive to build a high-quality wood bicycle frame that has ride qualities that you will enjoy. It is important to us that we source as many of the components as possible from US companies without sacrificing quality. We make the frame in Grand Junction Colorado and we are able to source the fork (MRP) and wheels (DT Swiss) right here in Grand Junction, all within a square mile of our frame manufacturing. This offers a great opportunity for collaboration. Very rare in the bike industry. We feel we have developed a high-quality, durable, good handling bike that is made in the US with the major components sourced from US companies as well. We hope you enjoy the ride!”

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Savvy fat bike
Savvy fat bike


Schnozola Cycles

Schnozola Cycles was founded by Northern California frame builders Bruce Gordon and Paul Sadoff. Their bikes come only in red and are priced to be more affordable than many handbuilt custom bikes. They actually build only one model, an all-surface bike that is made to fit the Rock n Road 700c x 43mm tires.

Boutique Bicycle Manufacturers: Schnozola all-surface bike
Schnozola all-surface bike

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* According to Wikipedia, “boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation”. (Boutique manufacturing on Wikipedia)

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