Jaegher is a Belgian company, building tailor-made steel frames since 1934. It is founded by Odiel Van Eenooghe, a Belgian cyclist who participated in Milan-San Remo and in 1932 he won the toughest stage in Tour of Belgium.

Their slogan is “the steel feel is impossible to translate into numbers & tables”.

Eddy Merckx was also a customer of them.

The Belgian manufacturer created two greated bikes equipped with Campagnolo’s latest Super Record mechanical groupset: Jaegher Interceptor and Jaegher Ascender.


Jaegher Interceptor
Jaegher Interceptor

Jaegher frames are made of high-end Italian steel. The Interceptor is exclusively made from Niobium steel, by Italian tubeset manufacturer Columbus, whereas the The Ascender uses the most modern steel tubeset available : Columbus XCR.

The price of Jaegher Interceptor is €2,075 (frameset only), while the price of Jaegher Ascender is €2,475.

Steel is real

From Jaegher’s web site:

Steel is an extremely reactive material. Compress a steel spring and it will bounce back quickly. An aluminum or carbon spring bounces back much slower. A steel frame will therefor absorb bumps and vibrations on the road, while transferring each pedal-stroke into pure speed. This unrivalled comfort and road feel are not just nice for you, they also improve your performance. You will remain fresh and more alert for longer. The unique feel of steel is difficult to translate into statistics and numbers, so it has rarely been highlighted. Where the latest generations of steel especially shine is in their rigidity, which results in a very efficient frame.

Steel Aluminum Carbon
Durability 4-star 3-star 1-star
Stiffness 5-star 5-star 4-star
Vibration Damping 3-star 1-star 3-star
Comfort 4-star 1-star 3-star
Weight 4-star 4-star 5-star
Jaegher Ascender
Jaegher Ascender

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For all the colors, models and prices visit jaegher.com

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