Blel Kadri (Ag2r la Mondiale) won the 2013 Roma Maxima after being in the break of the race and spending a total of 127 km out front. Filippo Pozzato of Lampre Merida won the sprint in the chasing bunch and finished in second, but he believed he had won the race and threw his arms in the air as a victorious gesture. Grega Bole of Vacansoleil-DCM finished in third.

The 2013 Roma Maxima was the 75th edition of the Italian semi-classic cycle race previously known as Giro del Lazio. The Giro del Lazio has not been raced since 2008, and the 2013 edition was the first one with the new name.

Kadri was one of four riders in an early breakaway group. He attacked 40 km to go, with Manuel Antonio Cardoso of Caja Rural, but he dropped Cardoso and went for a solo win.

Blel Kadri wins the 2013 Roma Maxima
Blel Kadri (Ag2r la Mondiale) wins the 2013 Roma Maxima

2013 Roma Maxima started on Via Appia Antica in Rome, passed through the cobblestone section of the ancient Appian Way and the steep climbs of the Roman hills, and ended again in Rome in Via dei Fori Imperiali, near the Coliseum, after 180 kilometers (110 mi).

The French Blel Kadri won the race after a 127 km (78.9 mi) breakaway. Kadri, together with André Cardoso, Christophe Premont, Pim Ligthart, and Albert Timmer, got away after 53 km (32.9 mi); on the climb to Campi di Annibale he dropped the other riders and powered on alone with 40 km (24.9 mi) to go.

A five-rider group, among whom there was also Vincenzo Nibali, tried to chase Kadri down, but Kadri managed to hold the gap all the way to Rome.

Lampre-Merida’s Filippo Pozzato won the sprint for second place, and Grega Bole (Vacansoleil-DCM) was third. Since Roma Maxima is not a World Tour event, riders were not allowed to use the radio during the race; so both Pozzato and Bole did not know that Kadri was still away, and Pozzato celebrated on the finish line thinking he had won the race.

2013 Roma Maxima highlights

After the race, a very sheepish Filippo Pozzato said: “I thought I won the race, because we caught a breakaway group, I didn’t know Kadri was up front. There was no radio today.”

It was Kadri’s biggest victory in his career. He said: “On the podium, I thought that, sometimes, you work hard and going for it pays off. Luck doesn’t often smile on you but it did this time. I’m very, very happy.”

2013 Roma Maxima: Filippo Pozzato
2013 Roma Maxima: Filippo Pozzato of Lampre Merida won the sprint in the chasing bunch and finished in second, but he believed he had won the race and threw his arms in the air as a victorious gesture.

2013 Roma Maxima full results

  1. Blel Kadri France AG2R La Mondiale 4:26:27
  2. Filippo Pozzato Italy Lampre-Merida 0:00:37
  3. Grega Bole Slovenia Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  4. Enrico Barbin Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  5. Simone Ponzi Italy Astana Pro Team
  6. Leonardo Fabio Duque Colombia Colombia
  7. Giovanni Visconti Italy Movistar Team
  8. Simon Geschke Germany Team Argos-Shimano
  9. Sergey Lagutin Uzbekistan Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  10. Sergei Chernetski Russia Katusha
  11. Mikael Cherel France AG2R La Mondiale
  12. Mirko Selvaggi Italy Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  13. Damiano Caruso Italy Cannondale Pro Cycling
  14. Amets Txurruka Spain Caja Rural
  15. Angel Vicioso Arcos Spain Katusha
  16. Matteo Rabottini Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  17. Francois Parisien Canada Team Argos-Shimano
  18. Emanuele Sella Italy Androni Giocattoli
  19. Valerio Agnoli Italy Astana Pro Team
  20. Mauro Santambrogio Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  21. Dmitry Kozontchuk Russia Katusha
  22. Riccardo Chiarini Italy Androni Giocattoli
  23. Omar Fraile Matarranza Spain Caja Rural
  24. Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez Colombia Androni Giocattoli
  25. Francesco Reda Italy Androni Giocattoli
  26. Marcel Wyss Switzerland IAM Cycling
  27. Christophe Premont Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  28. Francesco Manuel Bongiorno Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  29. Stephen Cummings Great Britain BMC Racing Team
  30. Sébastien Reichenbach Switzerland IAM Cycling
  31. Alan Marangoni Italy Cannondale Pro Cycling
  32. Alejandro Valverde Belmonte Spain Movistar Team
  33. Damiano Cunego Italy Lampre-Merida
  34. Daniele Pietropolli Italy Lampre-Merida
  35. Jarlinson Pantano Colombia Colombia
  36. Domenico Pozzovivo Italy AG2R La Mondiale
  37. Fabio Aru Italy Astana Pro Team
  38. Andre Fernando S. Martins Cardoso Portugal Caja Rural
  39. Simone Stortoni Italy Lampre-Merida 0:00:46
  40. Vincenzo Nibali Italy Astana Pro Team 0:00:48
  41. Giampaolo Caruso Italy Katusha 0:01:30
  42. Albert Timmer Netherlands Team Argos-Shimano 0:02:07
  43. Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi Spain Movistar Team 0:03:12
  44. Manuel Belletti Italy AG2R La Mondiale
  45. Francesco Lasca Italy Caja Rural
  46. Luka Mezgec Slovenia Team Argos-Shimano
  47. Sacha Modolo Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  48. Oscar Gatto Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  49. Francisco Javier Moreno Allue Spain Caja Rural
  50. Davide Cimolai Italy Lampre-Merida
  51. Gilles Devillers Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  52. Rémi Cusin France IAM Cycling
  53. Angel Madrazo Ruiz Spain Movistar Team
  54. Edoardo Zardini Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  55. Dalivier Ospina Navarro Colombia Colombia
  56. Marcel Aregger Switzerland IAM Cycling
  57. Lawrence Warbasse USA BMC Racing Team
  58. Maxim Belkov Russia Katusha
  59. Michael Rodriguez Galindo Colombia Colombia
  60. Rob Ruijgh Netherlands Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  61. Cameron Wurf Australia Cannondale Pro Cycling
  62. Pavel Brutt Russia Katusha
  63. Marco Frapporti Italy Androni Giocattoli
  64. Darwin Atapuma Colombia Colombia
  65. Thomas Damuseau France Team Argos-Shimano
  66. Juraj Sagan Slovakia Cannondale Pro Cycling
  67. Ben Gastauer Luxembourg AG2R La Mondiale
  68. Juan Antonio Flecha Giannoni Spain Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  69. Nariyuki Masuda Japan Cannondale Pro Cycling
  70. Pim Ligthart Netherlands Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  71. Przemyslaw Niemiec Poland Lampre-Merida
  72. Patrick Schelling Switzerland IAM Cycling
  73. Sylvain Georges France AG2R La Mondiale
  74. Francesco Failli Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  75. Stefano Agostini Italy Cannondale Pro Cycling
  76. Fabio Felline Italy Androni Giocattoli
  77. Stefano Garzelli Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  78. Fabio Taborre Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  79. Tomasz Marczynski Poland Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  80. Alessandro Proni Italy Vini Fantini-Selle Italia
  81. Ivan Velasco Murillo Spain Caja Rural
  82. Jonathan Fumeaux Switzerland IAM Cycling
  83. John Gadret France AG2R La Mondiale
  84. Carlos Julian Quintero Colombia Colombia
  85. Stefano Pirazzi Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  86. Angelo Pagani Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  87. Eros Capecchi Italy Movistar Team
  88. Enrico Battaglin Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox
  89. Daniel Petrov Bulgaria Caja Rural 0:04:51
  90. Mattia Gavazzi Italy Androni Giocattoli 0:06:37
  91. Fabio Duarte Colombia Colombia
  92. Vladimir Isaichev Russia Katusha
  93. Alexandr Pliuschin Moldova IAM Cycling
  94. Martin Kohler Switzerland BMC Racing Team
  95. Johannes Fröhlinger Germany Team Argos-Shimano
  96. Sébastien Delfosse Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  97. Matthias Brandle Austria IAM Cycling
  98. Tanel Kangert Estonia Astana Pro Team
  99. Sebastian Lander Denmark BMC Racing Team 0:09:50
  100. Klaas Sys Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  101. Jeffry Johan Romero Corredor Colombia Colombia
  102. Joeri Bueken Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  103. Dmitriy Gruzdev Kazakhstan Astana Pro Team
  104. Michel Koch Germany Cannondale Pro Cycling
  105. Baptiste Planckaert Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  106. Stijn Steels Belgium Crelan-Euphony
  107. Ramon Sinkeldam Netherlands Team Argos-Shimano
  108. Wesley Kreder Netherlands Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team
  109. Reinier Honig Netherlands Crelan-Euphony
  110. Massimo Graziato Italy Lampre-Merida
  111. Fredrik Carl Wilhelm Kessiakoff Sweden Astana Pro Team
  112. Federico Canuti Italy Cannondale Pro Cycling
  113. Klaas Lodewyck Belgium BMC Racing Team
  114. Alessandro Vanotti Italy Astana Pro Team
  115. Javier Francisco Aramendia Lorente Spain Caja Rural
  116. Thomas Peterson USA Team Argos-Shimano
  117. Donato De Ieso Italy Bardiani Valvole-CSF Inox


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