OREKA Training is now ready to launch in the UK market, after some months of hard work, the brand will finally start selling directly to stores in the UK territory. For this purpose, the brand has appointed Ben Simmons as their new UK Sales Manager starting March 1st. Ben is well known in the cycling industry, he has experience in marketing, brand management, and sales from previously working with other premium cycling brands. Ben also has a background in coaching, mechanics and has been a competitive cyclist for over 20 years.

Ben Simmons - OREKA training
OREKA Training is going to be launched in the UK market and appointed Ben Simmons as their new UK Sales Manager

OREKA Training

OREKA is a young company specialising in indoor training products, the experience of their staff is very valuable and specialised in this industry. With more than 15 years of experience in the engineering field, Iñaki Argote, the visible face of the project, has been developing some of the most exciting road bicycles in the market, including the Olympic Road Race champion.

“Oreka is already thought of as a prestige brand in other European countries, and for me, it’s an exciting challenge to expose even more riders to the quality of their products. The Oreka Training Sales team is doing a spectacular job and I’m sure that together we will succeed in growing Oreka in this dynamic and demanding market, the project looks promising with the addition of new products that will allow us to be competitive in the Indoor and Esport segment. The other great advantage of Oreka is that it provides a new tool for UK Bike Fitters to provide dynamic Bike Fitting for a more realistic riding position” Ben says.

OREKA Training
OREKA is a young company specialising in indoor training products.

His experience in the UK cycling sector makes him a valuable and strategic asset for Oreka. Likewise, Oreka is excited by the expansion in UK and by the possibilities that lie ahead for the future.

“The identity of Oreka is felt in all the products that pass through the doors of our facilities. Oreka is a family with the best cycling tradition and has become a leader in super-innovative technologies. And that’s what I love about Oreka: the cycling tradition with the innovation, looking to the future,” he concludes.

Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons

OREKA Training S.L. / Polígono Egiburuberri 13-1H / Errenteria / 20100 / Guipúzcoa / Spain / www.orekatraining.com

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