Electric bikes (e-bikes) are growing in popularity across America, with sales in 2019 up by almost 25% compared to 2018. As any bike rider will know, it’s crucial that you regularly clean your bicycle to keep it looking great and working well, but with an e-bike, routine cleaning is even more essential as it helps to protect all the electrical components that make your bike function. But just how do you effectively and safely keep your e-bike looking pristine?

Clean after every ride

E-Bike Cleaning Hacks
Your e-bike is likely to be coated in lots of mud and dirt after a week. To ease its cleaning, give your e-bike a quick clean after every use.

Experts recommend that you wash your e-bike weekly. However, if you use your e-bike most days, it’s likely to be coated in lots of mud and dirt after a week. For ease, it’s suggested that you give your e-bike a quick clean after every use – just remember to remove the battery every time.

There’s no need to worry about it being a time-consuming job as there are specialist e-bike cleaning products on the market that use rinse-free foaming technology, meaning you haven’t got to get out the hose pipe, jet spray, or bucket of soapy water after every ride. These cleaning products are just one example of how technology enhances cleaning regimens and the environment.

As no water is required, chemicals aren’t being rinsed straight down the drain when you clean your e-bike. Plus, this technology, reduces water consumption which is just as beneficial to the environment as e-bikes are.

Toothbrush and chain

The chain on your e-bike will withstand serious wear and tear during riding, and it’s recommended that you replace it every 3,000km to 8,000km, depending on the level of damage that it displays. If you’re aiming for the upper end of this limit, then you need to make an effort to clean and grease your e-bike’s chain frequently as dirt can corrode the chain and stop it from performing to its full ability.

Ideally, you want to get as much dirt off as possible, and an old toothbrush is just the tool to do this as it allows you to scrub every link effortlessly. To do the job twice as quickly, tape two toothbrushes together by the handle so that the bristles are facing each other, and clean both the top and bottom of the chain simultaneously.

Take the wheels off

To give your e-bike a thorough clean from top to bottom, it’s worth removing the wheels. Not only does this make it easier to clean and inspect the frame, spokes, and tires separately, but you’ll also be able to deep clean hard-to-reach places, such as underneath the saddle. Removing the wheels can take a little practice but it’s worth doing it for these reasons. The motor is typically stored around the back wheel, so you’ll need to unplug it before removing the wheel just as you would a standard bicycle wheel and the front wheel of your e-bike.

E-bikes are certainly the bikes of the future. But to ensure that yours lasts for years to come and continues to look and work amazingly well, you should actively perform these e-bike cleaning hacks for an easier maintenance routine.

Jane Sandwood

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