How to make e-bikes safer

If Europe is to meet its ambitious environmental goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, more and more people will need to cycle to get around. With World Bicycle Day on June 3rd celebrating pedal power’s undeniable benefits, we are curious to know what the bike and e-bike of the future might look like.

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Selle Italia Model X Leaf

Selle Italia Model X Leaf is a sustainable saddle with new graphics inspired by nature, stemming from the Greentech process. It is created through an eco-sustainable production process that avoids the use of polluting substances thanks to patented Greentech technology. The new Model X Leaf saddle features eye-catching graphics based on a green leaf pattern.

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Will A Mountain Bike Fit In A Jeep Wrangler?

A mountain bike can fit in a jeep wrangler very conveniently if you go through some tedious procedure. And wherever you want you can transport it. At first, you can feel that the process is not an effortless or expedient option. But later on, fitting the mountain bike into a jeep wrangler will be much easier than the first time.

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Reasons You Need to Try Riding an E-Mountain Bike

Are you curious about the reasons which will help you to know the needs of riding an e-mountain bike? Then you should go through this article for better knowledge of riding an e-mountain bike. The growing familiarity with e-mountain bikes is the greatest development in the world of cycling. If you’ve never thrown your leg on an e-mountain bike, then you definitely should.

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Are Belt-Drive Bikes Worth It? What You Need To Know

Belt-drive bikes were usually popular among fitness enthusiasts for extensive exercise. Soon it became one of the popular bikes in the market for its efficiency. Many things are better than regular chain-drive bikes. But in overall calculation, are belt-drive bikes worth it? You need to know about this newly popular bike that is causing rage among bike lovers. That is what you are about to know in this article.

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Are Electric Bikes Worth It? All You Need To Know!

Further, faster, easier, you avoid a lot of pedaling, but it’ll cost at least three times the price of a commuter bike. An entry-level e-bike can run $1,500 or more. However, despite this initial price hurdle, sales of battery-powered bicycles have tripled over the past three years, and the e-bike boom shows no signs of slowing down. So is owning one electric bike really worth it?

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Tricycles: 8 Things to know about riding a Tricycle

A tricycle is a vehicle made up of three wheels. One wheel in the front and the other two at the back of the cycle. Tricycles are perfect for all types of people like elders, kids, youngsters, and autistic people who are disabled to ride bicycles.

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How to Ride an Electric Bike Safe and Sound

Most people discover how to ride their electric bikes like a traditional bike: they obtain a press, begin pedaling, switch a few gears, and also next thing you know they’re off. It’s to be expected that electric bikes and also normal bikes do operate extremely likewise on a basic level. One just has a motor and battery connected.

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Top 16 fastest Paris-Roubaix editions

Here are the top 16 fastest Paris-Roubaix editions – the winner, average speed, winning time, and weather conditions.

The average speed of the fastest Paris-Roubaix ever (2022 edition) was 45,792 km/h (28.454 mph), won by the Dutch cyclist Dylan van Baarle (Ineos Grenadiers).

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New Santini kit celebrate the Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2022

Inspired by the rugged terrain of the Belgian cycling classic, Santini’s new Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2022 collections are a brilliant celebration of the legendary La Doyenne: separate kits for men and women coordinate with a jacket and a range of accessories featuring a signature mountain range motif.

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