Vélo d’Or winners (from 1992 to 2019, complete)

Created in 1992 by the French cycling magazine Vélo, the “Vélo d’Or” award is given annually to the cyclist considered to have performed the best over the year. An international jury consists of top cycling journalists votes on which rider was top across the season.

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Boels-Dolmans women’s team chooses Santini Cycling Wear for the 4th consecutive year

The partnership between the Boels-Dolmans women’s team and Santini Cycling Wear is to continue for its fourth year: the race kit for the 2020 season will once again be designed by the Italian company. The members of the Dutch team will also be receiving a full range of cycling wear to cover all the seasons and climate conditions they might encounter. A complete wardrobe courtesy of Santini to flank the women as they tackle the challenges of the coming year.

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Stop that car, and plan cities around bikes to make cycling a real option for more women

Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Growing up in North Germany, cycling was my main means of transport, as would be usual for residents. When I moved to Newcastle, northern England in 1996, I stopped. The clear cycle paths I was used to in Germany simply didn’t exist and I didn’t feel safe. But slowly I began cycling more a few years later. Short local trips at first, then to work, and for leisure in the countryside. I enjoyed the thrill of it.

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Santini’s winter cycling line a winner at the Polartec Apex awards

Finding a way to keep pedaling when the temperatures drop sharply is the real challenge facing all cycling fans throughout the winter season. Santini Cycling Wear has responded to this dilemma with a line of winter apparel made from Polartec fabrics that deliver unparalleled performance.

The jacket, bib-tights, base layer and glove liners, all Italian-made, adapt effortlessly to the rapid variations in temperature typical of autumn and winter, to provide wearers with the perfect heat balance in all conditions.

It is no coincidence that the entire line was one of the winners of the prestigious Polartec Apex Awards for stylishly-designed, on-trend products that use and enhance the characteristics and technologies of the American company’s fabrics.

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Is Your Beard Slowing You Down?

Around 33% of Americans have facial hair, as well as many cycling legends like Bradley Wiggins and Dan Craven. However, there is a widespread belief that any body hair at all negatively impacts aerodynamics, which could actually slow you down as you ride. It may only make the tiniest difference, but over long distances, it could add up and cost a cyclist first place in a competition. If you are a passionate cycler but love your facial hair, then you are probably wondering if there is an effect at all and, if so, how big that effect is. A beard is a great way to stay warm during winter cycling, but is it having an effect on your time?

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Feeling Nauseous While Cycling? Here’s How To Kick Motion Sickness To The Curb

Motion sickness is a common condition, and 1 in 3 people are likely to experience it at some point in their lives. While this condition is often associated with car travel, some people may also experience dizziness or nausea while riding a bike. However, it’s important to know that feeling nauseous while cycling isn’t caused by the same factors that contribute to motion sickness while riding in vehicles. Moreover, it can be prevented, if you take precautions and look after your health before and after riding. If you feel nauseous while cycling or after your ride, here’s how you can kick motion sickness to the curb.

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Getting Creative To Beat The Winter Chill

The onset of ice and snow is no reason to leave the bike at home, but it is undeniable that cold weather brings greater risks to cyclists. According to one October 2018 study published in the Safety Science journal and primarily geared towards testing the effectiveness of yellow vests, there is a 10% increased risk of accidents during winter.

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How to dope in cycling and get away with it

Craig Fry, Victoria University

As an academic researcher, I have studied drugs in society for the last 20 years. In my current job, I also study cycling history and culture, and the place of drugs and doping in this sport.

I know a lot about this topic. But something new dawned on me the other day. I realised, that in all my years thinking about this issue, I have learned much more about how to get away with doping than how to prevent it.

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Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists

Seamus Allison, Nottingham Trent University

Cyclists globally are much maligned by drivers who may never have thought about the many benefits they provide. In fact, cycling as a form of truly sustainable transport is increasingly the focus of attention by governments seeking solutions to multiple societal problems.

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