Going on a bike ride is one of the best ways to have a speedy commute to work. Moreover, it’s a great way to get some exercise into your daily routine and live a healthier and longer life. But let’s face it, just a few minutes of wearing a helmet can wreak havoc with your hair, and cycling, especially on a hot and humid day, can leave you feeling less than fresh and presentable. But you don’t have to give up your bike rides to look great. With a few tricks, you can look your best even after cycling. Here are a few smart hacks to prevent helmet hair and look great after a bike ride.

How to prevent helmet hair: some quick tips

Wear a silk scarf under your helmet

Having smooth and manageable hair is a must for many individuals, and anyone can achieve this by using natural ingredients such as coconut oil or a banana mask to hydrate dull and rough hair. If you want to keep your hair silky even during your bike ride, protect it by wearing a silk scarf on your head before putting on your helmet. It will prevent the helmet from rubbing on your hair, and you’ll avoid getting frizzy strands. Those with long locks can tie up their hair and tuck it into the scarf to prevent tangles from forming during the bike ride.

Helmet Hair - Alexander Vinokourov
How to prevent helmet hair: wearing a helmet can wreak havoc with your hair, especially if it’s hot and humid.

Opt for a helmet-friendly hairstyle

Some hairstyles, such as elaborate chignons, gelled hair, and blow-dried hair don’t hold up well under a helmet. Opt for helmet-friendly styles, such as a braid, and twist it into a bun for the ride to prevent your hair from getting frizzy. For men who use hair setting products such as gel, styling wax, or pomade, consider going without product for your bike ride, then apply once you get to your destination.

Bring a dry microfiber towel to absorb sweat from your hair, gently blot along your hairline and through your part, then apply styling product as you’d usually do. If your hairline feels a little sticky, go over it with a wet wipe first before wiping moisture away with the microfiber towel.

Bring a few products to freshen up

Cycling to work enables you to dodge traffic and get to your destination with plenty of time to spare, so use those 10 to 15 minutes before work to freshen up. Use facial wipes to remove dirt and grime, and avoid wearing makeup to work. You can wear a non-sticky facial sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but anything more than that will just end up in a runny mess while you’re cycling to work. Instead, bring your cosmetics and do your makeup in the restroom.

Next, use wet wipes to get rid of sweat and odor before applying deodorant, but if you sweat a lot, it may be a good idea to bring your corporate wear and change into it once you’re in the building. You may also want to keep a spare outfit and shoes at the office just in case you forget to bring them to work.

Try these tips to look great after cycling to work. Remember to take it easy during your trip, and always have the essentials with you so you can freshen up after your bike ride.

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