Sarto is an Italian custom bicycle frame manufacturer. The company founded by Antonio Sarto in 1950. Since then, they’re producing handmade custom bicycle frames.

Sarto produce more than 2500 frames each year. They see the customization as their strength, which allows them to satisfy the customer’s every need: the choice of materials, the shape of the tubes, made-to-measure geometries, graphics and reinforcements in Kevlar or titanium/carbon. Every feature of a Sarto frame can be changed and selected by the customer.

Sarto design and create new models each year, which are presented at the important trade fairs before making their way around the world.

The company has been working with carbon for more than 15 years, from the time when frames wereglued together at the joints. Starting in 2002, the company began producing laminated frames, a process that originated from the need to “customize” and make every piece unique.

The company is equipped with 4 kilns, 1 clean room (a temperature-controlled aseptic area used for laminating), 2 pressurized cabins for filing and painting processes and a massive dust extraction system, all designed to ensure the safety and health of the specialized staff.

Here are the Sarto Frames 2015 series below:

Sarto Lampo 2015 complete bike
Sarto Lampo 2015 complete bike (example bike setup)

Lampo is the custom carbon frame which combines aerodynamic features with stiffness into a unique bicycle. Through careful CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis, every profile of the tube set that forms Sarto Lampo has been optimized from the aerodynamic point of view.

The down tube that integrates the fork, ISOFLOW seat stays, internal cable routing, seat tube with Kamm tail aero profile are just some of the most striking aspects resulting from aerodynamic studies. In addition to these peculiar characteristics that identify Lampo, the high stiffness of the frame enhanced by the integrated oversized seat tube minimizes the energy dissipation.

The right balance between aerodynamics and stiffness makes Lampo the ideal frame for speed, gran fondo and triathlon.

Tecnical specs

Weight980 gr (not ISP and raw)
Stiffness value:100 N/mm
Outer lamination:M46J
Head tube:1” 1/8 – 1” ½
Internal brake and gear cables guide.
PRESS FIT 86,5 bottom bracket.
Sarto Dinamica 2015 complete bike
Sarto Dinamica 2015 complete bike (example bike setup)

Sarto Dinamica is a perfectly balanced frame for the Criterium/Road/Gran Fondo rider.

The special shaped seat- and chain-stays offer maximum lateral stiffness and power transfer, without sacrificing vertical compliance; the oversized down-tube provides stiffness, handling and in combination with the tapered head-tube the “frame-balance” is complete.

Weight880 gr (not ISP and raw)
Stiffness value130 N/mm
Outer lamination3K
Inner laminationM46J
Head tube1” 1/8 – 1” ½
Internal brake and gear cables guide.
PRESS FIT 86,5 bottom bracket.
tube sections asymmetric.
Sarto Seta 2015 complete bike
Sarto Seta 2015 complete bike (example bike setup)

Weighing only 700 grams, Seta road frame is the latest and most advanced frame Sarto has ever produced.

The Seta features brand new tube designs, starting from the flat shape of the top tube to the ultra thin chain stays.

The Seta is made of the best and stiffest carbon the market has to offer, M55J. This type of high modulus carbon fibre ensure great compressive and tensile strength.

Weight700 gr (not ISP and raw)
Stiffness value115 N/mm
Outer lamination1K
Inner laminationM55J linked with M46J
PRESS FIT 86,5 bottom bracket.
Sarto Velox 2015 complete bike
Sarto Velox 2015 complete bike (example bike setup)

The new Sarto VELOX is born from the need for speed of Tri-Athlets and Chrono Riders that expect the best both in terms of technology and design.

The 100% handmade in Italy VELOX features all the latest technology that the market has to offer, in combination with the experience and frame building knowledge that only Sarto can guarantee.

Weight1400gr raw
Stiffness value95N/mm
Outer lamination3K
Inner laminationM40J
PRESS FIT BB30 bottom bracket.

“Every year we renew our selection of frames by researching and studying improvements to apply to new products. We dedicate months of our time to research and experimentation, creating new products and testing them first on the computer and then letting our team test them on the road, to always ensure the highest performance and yield.”

“We believe in the services we offer, we believe in the product made entirely in Italy with our own hands. Thanks to this combination of factors, we are positioned in an exclusive market segment, allowing our flag to outshine over other nations, without fear of competition.”

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