On the occasion of last night’s party to celebrate the 80th birthday of President Giuseppe Bigolin, Selle Italia, the Treviso company also unveiled its new corporate logo. An event, held at the Asolo Golf Club, was attended by cycling champions of the past and numerous friends of the Bigolin family to celebrate the President’s birthday and to celebrate, with the renewal of the logo, the push towards the future that has always characterized the company.

Selle Italia celebrates president's 80th birthday
Selle Italia celebrates president’s 80th birthday. From left: Gianni Motta, Giuseppe Bigolin, Davide Cassani, Gianni Bugno and Riccardo Bigolin (Giuseppe’s son) at Selle Italia Headquarter. Photo credit: Jonny Mole

A very special party took place last night at the Asolo Golf Club to celebrate the 80th birthday of Giuseppe Bigolin, President of the Casella d’Asolo company. The party, an exclusive evening in the presence of champions who have written the history of cycling, as well as the many friends of the Bigolin family, was also the occasion to officially launch the new Selle Italia logo. The event celebrated not only the birthday of its leader but also the strong bond between the Bigolin family and the company, linking the past to the future, with the launch of the new logo.

“When I took over the company in the 70s I never expected such a success” – says Giuseppe Bigolin, President of Selle Italia, “- and if I look back I can say that I am really satisfied with the objectives and goals – even sporting ones – that we have reached. This is an important birthday for me, surrounded by my family, friends, and all our workgroup: I couldn’t ask for anything better!”

The new company logo of Selle Italia
The new company logo of Selle Italia
The old company logo of Selle Italia
The old company logo of Selle Italia

Guests at the party included cycling luminaries Gianni Bugno, Gianni Motta, and the Technical Commissioner of the Italian national team, Davide Cassani.

A highlight of the event was the formal introduction of the new Selle Italia logo, the result of a design work that sees the curves of the brand lightened to make it more linear and more consistent with the stylistic code of the company that has been operating in international markets for years.

With a linear and clean design, the new logo features slightly inclined letters to indicate movement, the pursuit of performance and speed, typical characteristics of cycling, but also of the Selle Italia brand, which has always been dedicated to innovation.

“The remake of a logo is part of a very specific strategic development plan that has seen Selle Italia implement and renew its target by investing heavily in digital and commercial and marketing policies aimed at increasing its online presence,” said Nicola Baggio, General Manager of Selle Italia – “The message transmitted by the brand has, therefore, a precise value in the company strategy to make the brand on the one hand more and more recognizable and on the other more modern and current, what it requires today our sector.”

The event culminated with the cutting of the birthday cake and the official unveiling of the new company sign, thus sanctioning, after more than 120 years of life, a new era of Selle Italia and its products, a reference point in the high-end competitive cycling.

About Selle Italia

Selle Italia is a leader in the design and manufacture of bicycle saddles. Founded in 1897, the firm has operated in the sector for more than 120 years and is based in Asolo (TV), Veneto, where it commercializes more than 1 million products every year. Its products are currently sold all over the world and are unique in terms of performance, comfort, and design.

This post is a press release by Selle Italia.

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